Saturday, 10 July 2010

Lowton & Golborne "Super " School Scheme Axed

A local "SUPER" school scheme planned for development in Lowton has been scrapped under tough new austerity measures to save £55bn by the new coalition education secretary Michael Gove.

It was initially planned to merge both Lowton High and Golborne High schools to form the new super school on the site of Lowton Civic Hall. Although, the original plan had been met with much opposition the Labour ran council were willing to ignore the objectors and demonstrations and continue with the £257m borough wide Building Schools for the Future proposals, and no doubt Lord Peter Smith would have had his gangly grubby fingers in the till on this one and would have been flouting cronyism at the highest level on this project with giving jobs for the boys at one or two of his past directorships here at PFI, NWDA (Chris Wilkinson, NWDA Senior Development Manager and Peter Mearns, NWDA Director of Marketing both Matrix graduates at Common Purpose) or 4NW! (And Steve Barwick, who is Director of Sustainable Development, Policy and Europe at 4NW is also a Matrix graduate of Common Purpose! Just thought I'd let you know!)

No consideration was given to the distance many of the pupils would have had to travel if the two schools had merged. And additionally to the wanton destruction of some of the best areas of natural beauty that would need to be destroyed in order to put the new roads in to reach the initial proposed site at Hesketh Meadow from alternative routes.

Disappointed cabinet member for children and young people's services Cllr. Sue Loudon "tore into the decision." TOUGH!

I along with the vast majority of others in the locality welcome this decision by Michael Gove - not only due to all the austerity restrictions being imposed upon us - but, in what we saw as a criminal profit making and dumbing down exercise of our children by the powers that be. How better to indoctrinate our children with their vast left-wing social engineering agenda than getting as many children as possible into one vast area at any one time by merging all the local high schools together in what will create super huge class sizes - and feed their impressionable young heads collectively with utter nonsense.

These "super" schools scupper individualism denying the young and the gifted to flourish in their own right be it in academic or sporting achievements and thus creates just a 'conveyor belt' young adult who's no better or no worse than the last one off the line.

Thanks to some our supporters who made their voices heard at many of these anti- "super school" meetings even though we let a certain enemy of ours do most of the donkey work!


Lanky Patriot said...

Yes you're right Gary, and I hate to praise anything theis Tory government does and still question that their motives are anything but financial.
After all their children do not have to avail themselves of the "benefits" of the present state system.
However the Labour Stalinist empire builders always sought to herd people into large annonymous buildings thinking that these expensive edifices improve education, especially when given sobriquets such as "Academy" and "Centre of Excellence" to hide their deficiencies. Usually the more of these to be found on school notice boards the worse their performance.
You never hear of these names before the public schools or top universities as their achievements speak for themselves.
In education big is not better for a variety of reasons.

If too large, pupils become a small part of an over populated monolith and they are not individually known to the teachers.
Good schools are the product of good teachers and in far too many cases deficient teachers, far from being sacked are promoted, this often meaning a generation of pupils (not students, they are still at school)is deprived of a future.
Yes buildings need maintenance, repairs and improvements, but this need not involve knocking good buildings down which have all too often been recently refurbished at great expense.
Also the pupils in larger schools must necessarily travel further to school causing traffic congestion (what about CO2 emmissions?).

But notwithstanding the financial aspects THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT IT.

They want GOOD LOCAL SCHOOLS with dedicated teachers, a far better and cheaper option than those the former undemocratic government and its local lackeys sought to impose on our people.

For once the Tories have got it right but for what reason and for how long only time will tell.

Lanky Patriot said...

Just to confirm what I said in my previous post, in the paper today the chairwoman of "Ofsted" has said that every school needs an incompetent teacher to help them deal with incompetent people in future.
The first thing about this is.
Is incompetence a requirement for being the chair of Ofsted? It seems likely.

Teachers are supposed to teach the children facts and generally educate them for their future life. Their future success depends on good teaching.

I presume when she goes to the doctors she would be happy to have an incompetent surgeon operate on her.If not how are our young people supposed to amass the knowledge required to gain admission to university if the have to be "taught" by incompetent teachers?
The woman is an idiot and typifies the mindset of those in authority which has decimated the futures of our young people.

One final thing. What is the point in spending £millions on new schools and staffing them with teachers too incompetent to teach?