Friday, 14 May 2010


Dead pirates (soon)

2000 years ago Rome had a problem with a pirate-infested Mediterranean. Caesar knew how to deal with pirates - he crucified them as soon as he laid his hands on them. Took about three months to make the Med pirate-free.

200 years ago the Royal Navy knew how to deal with pirates - hanged them as soon as they laid hands on them. Cleared the Carribean of piracy (compare to today's pussycat methods).

And how did the early American navy deal with the Barbary pirates? - attacked them wherever they found them, including the pirates' home bases in N.Africa ... dishing out liberal doses of death and destruction.Very quickly put an end to Barbary piracy.

Seems the Russians have picked up the only EFFECTIVE anti-piracy baton there's ever been.


Hell of a thing when today's Royal Navy has to take lessons from the Russian Navy - lessons we had already learned hundreds of years ago. Throughout human history there has only ever been one way to deal with piracy.


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