Friday, 14 May 2010


Who would have believed it?

Stephen Timms the Labour MP with a massive swing TOWARDS his party has been stabbed by one of his constituents at his surgery. Now why did this swing go against the general trend in the country? I have no proof but the ethnic make up of the area could provide a clue.
The BBC of course made no mention of the ethnicity of the perpetrator, concentrating on a right wing nutter who was jailed for producing poison with the implication that he was in some way associated with our party.

My sympathies go to Mr Timms in the dangerous job of representing an East London area but surely even the most naive Labour MP should have realised the dangers of working in close contact with his vibrant and diverse constituents. He would have been safer representing a white working class area in the North of England but these areas often no longer deliver a guaranteed Labour vote.

Yes he has a job for life and unlike other Labour MPs has worked outside politics but did he not realise the danger working in such a multi cultural s**thole. His party played a large part in bringing these third world savages to our land and has now experienced the benefits of their culture.
His colleague Harridan Harperson at least had the sense to wear a stab jacket when walking in Peckham ACCOMPANIED BY POLICE OFFICERS!
These people's less fortunate constituents, having had their home district colonised have no such protection and frequently suffer as has Mr Timms.

This should be a lesson to all politicians.

Stop this colonisation before all our country is a no go area.


phoenix said...

Lanky Patriot, according to a witness, the assailant was approx early twenties, female and of Asian ethnicity, she had been apprehended by a security guard and held for police.......

Sir Henry Morgan said...

There's more to this than meets the eye - a woman was immediately arrested for this - I think private life is implicated here ...

Silly Kuffar said...

Taken from Wigan Today
"Unemployed Roshonara Choudhary, 21, will appear before Stratford Magistrates' Court on Monday. The woman, who is from the local area, has also been charged with two counts of possession of an offensive weapon."

Also from Wigan Today
"A great grandmother stabbed to death in her flat by "callous cowards" was a pillar of the community, neighbours have said.

Local residents, who identified the victim as widow Irene Barrett, 87, said they were "disgusted" by the attack." in south-east London.

I wonder what the Ethnicity of her murderer will turn out to be.