Monday, 17 May 2010


The contempt in which the Tory and Labour hold our area in imposing muslim candidates on our three costituencies is only surpassed by the foolish people who voted for these devotees of an alien religion.
I did not realise thet Lisa Nandy was a muslim but that is what it seem she is. And peope voted for her!
What in common with the people of Wigan can this person have apart from the fact that she stood under the Labour banner?

So when a new mosque is proposed against the wishes of the people whose side do you think she will be on? Not the native Wiganers you can be sure.
The Tories are no better having parachuted two muslims into admittedly hopeless costituencies but showing their contempt for Wiganers and Leythers.
It is said that Parliament should reflect the engineered makeup of our society. So why are these people imposed on us, when there are so few followers of their credo in Wigan and district, and why were people so stupid as to vote for them when they have nothing in common with local people?

It is the PC mantra that public services should reflect the ethnic make up of the areas in which they work.
In that case why are there so many foreign NHS workers in our region which is predominently not only white but Lancastrian. If this policy was follwed without bias there would be fewer foreign doctors and nurses.
Of course the government would say that the NHS would collapse without them and so it would if all foreign NHS staff were removed immediately.

BUT why after spending extra £billions have we not trained our own NHS staff.
Are we really expected to believe that countries such as Malawi or the Congo can train medics better than we can. If so something has gone wrong and seemingly it is no accident.
There is a deliberate intent to undermine the continuity and community of our society and it will surely lead to strife if not halted.

The creeping islamic influence is felt all over the Western world and in the news today is a report that a mosque is planned on the site of "Ground Zero" in New York.
That really is rubbing salt in the wounds.
Hopefully such outrageous suggestions will wake up our sleeping people to the danger of these so called "democrats" in sheep's clothing, for they have an agenda for a future which is not one we would wish to bequeath on our children.

My message to these parties. TAKE YOUR DIVERSITY ELSEWHERE.

We are happy as we are, Wiganers and Leythers.


Durotrigan said...

The imposition of three Muslim parliamentary candidates in your area was bad enough Charles, but what should we expect from the Tory and Lib Dem pledge to pack the House of Lords with in excess of 170 new peers? Will they not also be seeking to 'redress' the 'imbalance' in the so-called representativeness of the chamber by packing it full of ethnic minority and Muslim members? I'd sooner that it had remained fully hereditary than been packed with hand-picked tokenistic placemen and women.

As for the staffing situation within the NHS, it truly is shocking that we have not been training our own people to take on these much-needed and worthwhile careers in the health sector. Instead, we have funded hundreds of thousands of young people to do pointless degrees in media studies, golf course management and sundry other 'subjects' which are of benefit neither to the individuals studying them, nor to society at large. Yet at the same time, I remember that a year or two ago there was a glut of physiotherapists coming out of the system who couldn't find work. The higher education system as it is currently set up is failing both our young people and the nation. It needs serious reform.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

If it's 'diversity' they like so much, then why did they bother allowing immigration.

This country has been 'diverse' for centuries. English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish.

That's what I call an ideal level of 'diversity'. Or do they perhaps mean something else by that expression? ... I mean, I rather fancy Asian women - doesn't mean I want to be overrun by them.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Not too sure if Miss Nandy is actual a Muslim or not I can't find a link to define that....? Asian yes!