Thursday, 13 May 2010


These are my ideas for reducing the budget and national debt.
They are just my ideas and in no way Party policy, although some are.

Coming out of the EU and bringing our troops home as well as stopping foreign aid will help a lot but will not solve our national problems of lack of manufacturing and the disparity between the rich and poor.

Abolish VAT on household and industrial fuel, including the carbon change levy.
This would help industry and low paid pensioners who can not pay their fuel bills.

Reduce National Insurance paid by workers as well as by management, especially in manufacturing industry. That way the people who we need to help our recovery are rewarded.

Increase VAT on consumer goods to 25%. This would tax non essential items which are often made abroad and thus reduce our balance of payments deficit. Many of the items bought are not necessary and indeed cause CO2 production in their manufacture in China. It would thus be a green tax.

Accept the proposal to increase tax allownces to those earning under £ 10,000 per year.

Have a national bank separate from the casino City of London where low rates of interest for businesses can be obtained. Guarantee bank deposits.
Allow casino banks to go broke if they lose their gambles.

Charge "non doms" who do not pay taxes here for visiting this country. They use the facilities when they come so they should contribute. If they refuse to pay ban them from the country.
If they work here at all they should pay taxes here.

Reform the Civil Service and council departments. make the controllers personally responsible for failings in their departments. If they fail, sack them without their pension. In business, if you fail you lose all. This discipline should be imposed on all people working for the public.

End the Human Rights act which only acts in favour of the criminals and the lawyers. This would save £ Billions in legal fees, get rid of failed asylum seekers and be fairer on the ordimary people.

Amend the Health and Safety executive. Accept that accidents do occur and no body is to blame.Retain compensation for victims of negligence which is a different thing altogether.

AND only pay family allowances for the first two children starting now. This would discourage large families in an overpopulated country and act as a disincentive to immigrants with their large families.

These are just a few,not all of my IDEAS. What do you think?

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Durotrigan said...

Good morning. There are some good ideas in here. I'm also an advocate of only paying family allowances for the first two children. We are overpopulated, and the added bonus is, it would go at least some way to stemming Islamisation via the womb.

Repealing the Human Rights Act is absolutely essential. This dreadful piece of legislation has actually given genuine human rights a bad name. I have no love for plutocratic "non doms", so yes, charge them for using services here. A national bank is a positive idea and worth exploration, and I'm also with you on accepting the proposal to make the first £10,000 of everyone's earnings tax free. This will get rid of a lot of unnecessary red tape and bureacracy associated with administering benefits to the low-paid, which in themselves demean people and take away their self-respect.

The 25% VAT proposal on non-essential items is certainly worth considering, as is a reform of the Health and Safety Executive which, rather like the Human Rights Act, has given genuine health and safety concerns a bad name.

I'll be writing a piece on key vote-winning nationalist policies over the next day or two (hopefully I'll find some time later today), but if you've not already read it, you might appreciate an article that I've written which address the question of how the BNP can improve its electoral prospects. It focuses on reconsidering the way the BNP communicates its message and deals with other aspects of its past and policy that actively deter voters. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from party members and supporters, as you’ll see from the comments section. I’d appreciate your views too: