Wednesday, 12 May 2010


So the great love in begins. Two parties diametrically opposed on many policies have agreed to a coalition. Not only that they have agreed that Parliament will henceforth have a fixed term of five years.

We'll see how long that lasts. A long time I hope as we have not the resources to fight another election soon and a longer interval will give us time to build on the steady progress we have made.
Not only that it will give the two love birds to either alter their policies or precipitate the disaster that seems imminent. They will be shown for what they are with financial meltdown, industrial and civil unrest.
To admit that NOW they will govern in the national and not party intetrest is a clear demonstration of their former selfish atitudes.
Our party has ALWAYS put our nation's interests first but the other parties have shown willing to jettison previous core principles in their scramble for power.

High moral principles may be a weakness on our part in fighting the dirty political game, but without core beliefs why bother at all?
Many of us (including myself) could have progressed if we had been willing to betray our values and remained in our former parties.
Don't think that those in Downing Street and their accolytes are more talented than we are.
Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons to name but two leave them far behind in the intellectual stakes, but they are men of principle, a concept alien to these mediocre leaders. But for now they have paid the price.
However giants such as these two are our only hope as a nation.

Consider just two of those elevated to high office.
Gobby "Baroness" Warsi who rose without trace on the back of he being a Asian and having lost an election. However she fitted the "diverse" sop to the ethnics that Cameron wanted and which cost him his majority as most people don't like ethnic people being imposed from on high as candidates.
They then found themselves with a cabinet populated by middle aged white men so appointed Theresa May , famous only for a dubious taste in shoes to Home Secretary.
Many of the others I can not name, such has been their contribution to political discourse, although I have to admit that Vince Cable seemsto have more sense than most of them in spite of his former predilection for ethnic ladies.

If this shower is the best our country can come up with God help us.

But it isn't. We are waiting in the wings and if these clowns are given enough time and rope they will hang themselves and then we will be ready (we might like to hang some of those in the Labour administration who ruined our country financially and socially and engaged in War crimes) but I am unlike most members and British people against the death penalty.
A life of hard labour would in my opinion a just punishment for the crimes they have committed against our people.

Already I am dealing with a mass of new enquiries and these when turned into members and activists will be the core of our advance which is already underway.

Don't believe the media. Seen from the grassroots we are stronger than ever.



I think it more likely that they will hang us.As for "core values"lol.

Silly Kuffar said...

Are they Liberal Conservatives or Conservative Liberals ?

Anonymous said...

Still can't believe that 3rd place Lib Dems got to decide the Government, so to speak.

More shocked that the pro-EU establishment got 20m+ votes. Can understand the eight million State workers, pity the eight million State dependants, and who wouldn't understand the motives of the umpteen Super Rich.

But where did the other votes come from? Were they all postal?

If the government we get reflects the people, Blighty mus be full of perverts, cheats and degenerates. How else could we suffer under this deMOCKracy.

Still reckon the Government will fall somewhere. My only fear is that the solution offered will be a EU-approved plan that will lead to the completion of the New Soviet Union.

God help us all, for our compatriots sadly still believe our parliamentary wardens.