Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well, I finally found out what that means:

I'm led to believe that it's Arabic for .............

♪♫ " Tomorrow Belongs to Me " ♪♫♪♪

Thanks to the Baron for that.



Andy said...

They say that as they get blown to pieces.

Couldn't make it up!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the heads' up. Had assumed it meant 'Allah is Great'.

Being in Labour's enriched Peckham, the languages I have to put up with.

Now I dislike the French intensely (natural considering my background) but even I will cede that français is beautiful when spoken correctly.

Yet every single African dialect I have ever heard makes my ears hurt.

Try to avoid Arabic and Yiddish as much as possible, too much phlegm produced for my liking.

The following site has the Koran and also an audio reading of it too.

I gave it a couple of verses and thought I'd stick to CoE. Dread to think how Allah's choirboys sound in song. Urgh.