Sunday, 9 May 2010


They won't admit it but we do and have made a difference even if it was not always in the way we wanted.
In marginal seats our vote was often much more than the difference between the other parties.
Yes I accept that the odious (I like to apply that epithet to Labour politicians) Ed Balls was helped to retain his seat by the intervention by Chris Beverley, but in Amber Valley, the region where we had our RWB fest the even more odious Judy Mallaber was booted out.
This anti democratic apology for a politician you remember was involved in the harassment of our fest and indeed was among the rabble demonstrating outside.
We and our country are well rid of her. She has no concept of democracy and was not fit to hold public office.

There were several marginal seats where our standing could and probably did make a difference, so in spite of our relatively as yet small numbers we have a greater influence than these numbers would at first suggest.

We are here waiting when the brown stuff hits the fan and the people realise that only we have the answers.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Hi Lanky,

If you look at the European Elections results of last year where everyone in the Wigan borough had the opportunity to vote BNP - you'll notice 7,517 did just that!

Now, if you add all the votes cast for a BNP candidate in the local Election just gone....our total has risen to 9,116 so, that's a superb increase of 1,599 willing to vote for their local British National Party!

So, take heart from that!

Once again the Wigan and Leigh BNP continues to shine!

Well done to all those involved!

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

You'll also like to take note of the Tyldesley Ward result were the Labour candidate came second with 1,875 votes; behind the Limp Dim winning candidate on 2315 votes! A difference of 440 votes!

It was therefore encouraging to see our BNP candidate David Peacock achieve 450 votes in this particular ward also!

Anonymous said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

Thanks to all who put themselves foreward as candidates.
As L,LN has pointed out, and through the hard work and dedication of all involved in Wigan & Leigh BNP, have increased their votes and their voter base.
This is something we will continue to work and build upon.
We may have a few setbacks along the way but progress is being made.
Even with all the Anti-BNP bias in the media and online we still continue to grow.