Tuesday, 11 May 2010


What a shambles. Nobody knows who or which parties will form the next government.
The election results indicated that voters voted against the three "main"parties but not decisively for any of them.

Only our party increased it's vote as a proportion of its previous vote to any meaningful degree, ie more than double.

Why was this?

The other parties have no policies which will extricate our country from this Brown induced disaster. That they are too similar with little to chose between them is shown that Clegg can contemplate joining with either of them with only the degree of electoral reform between Tories and Labour somewhat different. Note how quickly the Tories offered reform after Clegg had
gone to Labour.

All three parties are putting their own interests before the national interest.

Which combination would I prefer?

A Lib Lab pact. Why? This would allow Labour to reap the results of the economic whirlwind it has saddled us with .
Industrial unrest will spread and these two parties will be tainted with causing it.

The Tories would probably elect a new leader rather than the vacuous Cameron they at present have.

Cameron missed an open goal with his imposition of "diversity" and "inclusion" on his choice of candidates which he imposed on his reluctant constituencies, and his other vacuous policies such as "a big society" whatever that means. The cuts in services he advocated while ring fencing foreign aid also did not endear him to his core Tory or even potential Labour voters. I know tories who would not vote for an ethnic candidate and I am sure there are Labour patriots as well.

So they all lost, and it serves them right.

Where does this leave our party? With some difficulties but stronger never the less.
Our increased support in the polls and new enquiries (I've 24 new enquiries just in) provides us with a broader base.

People will see that for all the talk of "change" the other parties are all to similar offer it. They will see that the change which our country desperately needs will not be brought about by these three parties and the REAL change in direction can only be achieved by adopting our policies.
We only have to grow and not necessarily gain power to have influence and this we will do.

We have learnt from our mistakes and rid ourselves of some rotten apples, are more united, and after a short rest are ready to go.
Meetings are already in place to plan our campaign to build on our gains.

The downside? There will be another election before very long and our funds are depleted.
However what we lack in cash we will more than make up by dedication to our cause and that we have in spades.

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