Saturday, 8 May 2010


All political parties in the country are disappointed with the election result.
The Tories have missed the open goal of an incompetent Labour government, while the much hyped Limp Dems failed to get their expected breakthrough.
UKIP stalled in its progress,(not the plane, the party) not surprising seeing they are a one trick party, a kind of anti EU Tory party.
When the results are analysed which I had not done yesterday I find that apart from the Tories we made the most progress, more than the Limp Dems and UKIP.
In percentage rise Tories got 3.8, we got 1.2 Limp Dems 1 and UKIP 0.9.
Labour of course lost 6.2.

Our total numbers of 563,000 polled was less than UKIP which stands at 917,000 but we are catching up.

We polled larger numbers than the Scottish or Welsh Nationalist parties although of course they represent only a part of Great Britain, but remember these latter parties have a strong influence in Parliament AND YET THEY HAVE FEWER VOTES.

WE are not a small as the media makes out, ans WE DID WELL.

Our disappointment and problems are less than theirs. They can only go one way, down and we can go only up.

Unlike the leaders of the three main parties I will go to bed now and sleep well (the sleep of the righteous?)


Anonymous said...

Charles, well said,

We shall win this war.

The alternative for our children

is too horrible to contemplate.

Don't let the enemy divide us.

Support our leader Nick Griffin

and he will lead us to our goal.

This is My England, this is my land.

Regroup and prepare for another

Election, in the near future.

Dr Chris Hill said...

You said:
"....but we are catching up."

I say:
You don't have time to catch up, in 20 years time there'll be more non indigenous births than our own people in this country. The only possible chance is for the BNP to ditch Griffin, and join into a coalition with UKIP. Of course that would mean putting country before party.

Lanky Patriot said...

You could say that about Farage Chris, you know the ex City gambler,he's just an anti EU Tory.

UKIP's policy of matching immigration with emigration would mean that in theory all Brits could emigrate and be replaced by third worlders and all would be OK.
Also UKIP have no policy on how to sort the debt out.

You may not like Nick Griffin but he does NOT do it for the money. He is our best leader and if a better leader came along we would replace him, but I can't see that happening for a long time.

At least he knows his party's policies which is more than UKIP's hierarchy does.