Friday, 7 May 2010


Although our GE results were somewhat disappointing generally here in the Wigan & Leigh area I think we did quite well.
Elections always cause national parties to have disappointments somewhere or other but I have to admit I thought that overall we would have done better.

I did warn my local activists not to be too optimistic. We were NEVER going to breakthrough in Wigan (you know the one about the pig in a red rosette), we just needed progress and that is what we got.

We have only stood in Makerfield once before when Dennis Shambley polled in the teens of hundreds of votes and lost his deposit.

This time we saved our three deposits, with Gary polling2724 in Leigh, nearly 1200 more than the heavily promoted UKIP and gaining 6.74 of the vote.

Ken did very well with his 3229 (7.38%), not surprising given his hard work. He would have gained more if he had not been in the contest withthe popular local independent councillor Bob Brearley.

My result was the worst and I was just pipped by UKIP (10 votes)
I polled 2506 (5.68%). This was without a real canvass, just a few local leaflets and a table top. I had not time to do more.
I said all along I would be happy (if not satisfied) if we saved our deposits, AND WE DID.

Tired we went to see the local results today and again were satisfied. We had to spread our resources thinly but even so made an impression.
You don't have to win to have influence, you just need to take vital votes from other parties, and we have shown we can make a difference even with a small vote.

A few years ago in a bye election in Douglas ward which we only half heartedly engaged in and with a paltry vote helped prevent CAP becoming the largest party and replacing Labour as the ruling group on the council much to the disgust of their leader (fuhrer) Peter Franzen.
CAP impoded after that many of the more decent members leaving to become Independent.
Two years ago Stephen Mc Ellenborough played a crucial part in making him an EX councillor.

Today as the results came in it was evident that Franzen was over 1000 votes behind Labour.
Now of course Labour are our opponents but even when we have differences of opinion at least they are civilised and we much prefer them to CAP.

We are pleased to have played a part in giving the hopefully "never to be a councillor again Franzen" the push.

I believe you read this blog Ex Councillor after your comments in Leigh last night.
You are as easy to hook as a tame goldfish. A tip. Do not react to blogs. People know you are reading it. Keep quiet and the bloggers will never know if they are blogging into space or not, but it's too late for you now. You've given the game away.

You will have plenty time to read blogs now or arrange more "peaceful" demonstrations.
Ask your friends to leave their hammers at home next time will you?, and remember DON'T RESPOND TO BLOGS.

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