Monday, 31 May 2010


I read in Saturday's Daily Mail that Land Rover and Jaguar cars are to be built in China.
So what's new you may ask?

This move is because of the high tariffs imposed on goods imported from Britain by China, in order to protect the home industry and labour force from cars made here. So we are not so uncompetitive after all otherwise why have these tarriffs against our goods?
Our government preaches free trade and allows tarriff free goods into Britain which decimates our industry and results in much of it being sold off to China of all places but accepts discrimination against British products ( a bit like the discrimination against British people)
I am a bit wary of naked protectionism believing it can provoke retaliation which may not be in our interests but it seems other countries arew quite prepared to use this tactic and get away with it.

I believe WE should retaliate with import duties on Chinese goods or those from any country which discriminates against ours. Of course this would reduce the profits of the big business on which the political parties depend, but it would be a step in the struggle to save our manufacturing jobs.

This is not a request for preference, JUST FAIRNESS, but I doubt if we will get it.

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