Sunday, 30 May 2010


Sometimes we often feel we have had a long night.
Now it seems we have a short knight, "Sir"Ian Mc Cartney who has been awarded the bauble which has been given to so many nonentities as to be worthless. So demeaned has this "award" become that any self respecting man would refuse it.
Whe one considers the others who have received the accollade such as "Sir" Elton John, "Sir" Ian Mc Kellan, "Sir"Ian Blair of the Metropolitan Police, other government lackeys,various nondescript actors and sportsmen together with thieving bankers like "Sir" Fred Goodwin of RBS fame, a type of person considered worthy enough for a knighthood emerges.
You either have to be a gay "luvvie", a government lackey or a parasite who lives off the efforts and miseries of others.
You always note the absence of people who have really helped our country, the engineers, production managers and scientists who we need if we are going to escape national catastrophe.

The fact that the most worthy people are not knighted shows what is wrong with our country. Mediocrity is rewarded while talent is ignored.
The status of the position is tainted by association with this rag tag group of people to the degree that many would consider being "honoured" in this way an insult.

I suppose knighthoods help to cure many inferiority complexes, but then they are not complexes.


Yes he may be a short knight, but he has represented our area for too many long years and done b****r all for us apart from giving the WEP a multitude of photo opportunities.

So "Sir" Ian. You can go and celebrate with your new champagne glasses filled to the brim with your favourite bubbly. You have made it. A real "Champagne Socialist".

Why don't you take them down to Platt Bridge Labour club and share a bottle there, but then they wouldn't thank you for it as your preferred drink is just expensive, tasteless fizz and froth like the leaders of your party. A pint of bitter tastes far better.

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