Monday, 31 May 2010


The news today is dominated by the shameful and illegal attack on aid ships in international waters by Israeli forces. More than 10 deaths were caused. The Israeli government says their forces were attacked by people with knives and iron bars. Of course they were. This was an act of piracy and they were defending their ship against attack.

Now I am no friend of the muslim religion and the sight of people in muslim dress in my country offends me.
BUT I sympathise with the people of Gaza and the Palestinian cause.
As a nationalist I believe everybody has a right to run their own country as they wish. I believe the state of Israel was a mistake we have to accept, but not their expansion into the West Bank and Gaza.
If I had had my land confiscated by a foreign power, my children driven into exile in a ghetto like Gaza I would never forgive the perpetrator.

The presence of Israel and its military expansion has been a cause of conflict for the last 50 years. The 9/11 outrage was a result and the radicalisation of muslims worldwide was a result of the West's perceived support for Israeli aggression.
The Iraq war was started because America believed Saddam threatened Israel. The excuse that he had not obeyed United Nations directives does not hold water as Israel has flouted these with impunity many times.
Afganistan is another conflict directly related to Israeli aggression and now Iran is threatened.
Yes, Iran threatens Israel but one can understand why. Muslims stand together (as do Jews).

There will be no peace in the Middle East until Israel is cut down to size and becomes more cooperative, and that is difficult with the large pro Israel lobby in the USA. However the USA is not the power it was and Israel as a Jewish state (now that's an interesting concept when an English nationality is considered racist) will be increasingly isolated in an ever more dangerous world.
The appointment of Tony Blair as a "peace envoy" shows how out of touch these people are. Blair was the man who appointed Lord Levy, a friend of Israel as his peace envoy, hardly likely to demonstrate impartiality to the dispossessed muslims.

Gaza costs us £millions in aid when the situation was caused by Israel and that country even prevents cement being imported into Gaza. Israel should pay for reconstruction, why should we pay for their actions? They really did pick up many ideas of brutality from Hitler but then like Hitler they believe in their superority over others (gentiles) and are just as deluded and no better.

Britain should keep out of any conflict this outrage causes apart from in my opinion a blockade of Israel to see how they like it. It might bring them to the table with a real intent on meaningful negotiations which could hopefully prevent the seemingly inevitable nuclear holocaust which their intransience will cause.


Bertie Bert said...

Palestine never was and never has been a nation EVER!

Hamas is there purley for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people , it is in their constitution.

The media report Israel in the same foul manner they report the BNP.

thelunaticarms said...

Israeli Command claim they hailed the flotilla many times to dock at a designated dock for inspection, the flotilla ignored the call.

We all know that the Israeli Navy hovered over the ships for what appears to be a good thirty seconds before dropping on-board.

Also seen video of what appears to be violence towards the Israelis troopers. And they did hold out from firing until the massacre, a good few minutes after boarding.

All in all, I say this is one mighty f**k-up of the highest order and Israeli Command will have to appease the world (and their own skins) in sacking the commanders involved.

The operation was about as professional as a group of first-time boy scouts.

Still, just another situation that will be milked for all the wrong reasons.

RIP the fallen. Another page in humanity's history book stained with blood.

Bertie Bert said...

Bertie Bert said...

Palestine & Palestinians

alfred litho said...

What a clever lot you so called nationalist's are!

quote "If I had had my land confiscated by a foreign power, my children driven into exile in a ghetto like Gaza I would never forgive the perpetrator"

Was not Palestine once known as BRITISH PALESTINE?

Also did not a prat called Nick Griffin also state Palestine has nothing to do with Britain?

pps sorry the post is not full of brown nosing shit you so called nationalist's love.

love and kisses

Lanky Patriot said...

Even D**k heads like Alfred Litho should have noticed that this site although supporting the BNP generally is an independent site.
These are and always were my opinions although a long standing BNP member. I know they do not co incide with party policy but then we are a democratic party and I am not a BNP cabinet member so I can state my opinions on my blog.
Yes Palestine was known as British Palestine but it was inhabited by the Palestinians as a part of the Ottoman Empire.
Yes it has nothing to do with us so why should we contribute to the repair of damage caused by Israel.
The fact remains , and this is not party policy is that the region belongs to the Palestinians, Christian and muslims.
I have met people who were forceably evicted from their homes by the Israelis.
Do that to me and I will get you wherever you are.

To the other comments I say that we are being targetted by terrorists and endure the hatred of muslims because of our perceived support for the UNDEMOCRATIC state of Israel.
I don't like muslim culture but many are here and putting us in danger because of the Israeli actions.
I agree with Nick Griffin we should keep out and if they blow each other up, so be it and I don't really care so long as we do not get involved.

Bertie Bert. If a people who had lived in Lancashire disposessed me of my identity my only motive in life would be to destroy them. The land does not belong to the Jewish people, but we have to accept the state of Israel much as it craws, but not their expansion into the West Bank by deceit with American backing.
You can not be a true nationalist without allowing other peoples to have their own nationality and culture.
The fact remains that the Israelis were attacking ships in international waters. In any case what right have they to put a blockade in Gaza waters.

Unless you understand the motives of people you will never get peace.
Understand where the Palestinians are coming from and you will understand the reason for the conflict.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Although, I appreciate your opinion Lanky - I find it quite alarming that up to 28 "British" citizens were amongst those on board the six "aid" ships?

Many with connections to local mosques in Bolton and including the infamous Finchley Park one in London.

I would have personally given this one a wide birth and offered no credence to anything remotely associated with this contiuing mayhem, especially when giving a slight condonable attitude with the crackpot fanatical and radical Muslims!!

Welcome alfred litho!

Silly Kuffar said...

Alfred Litho - How come the enemies of Britain only have spiteful hatred bile to spew. I have never heard one of them contribute anything to debate except HATE. Don't paint YOUR HATRED on others. Dont you mean hate and violence rather than love and kisses ?

Bertie Bert said...

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I apologise for the many typo's in my last comment - at work you see (that's my excuse anyway) and only have the odd few minutes here and there to post!

1)Finsbury Park

Cheers and well said Silly Kuffar!!

Lanky Patriot said...

Gary, there were some TRUE British citizens on board and many who neither I or you would consider British as they have allegiencies elsewhere.
I do not condone crackpot muslims and would certainly curtail their activities in our country but that country is theirs and for once they have right on their side.

However there is no topic that should be out of bounds and I do believe we have many muslims here who would not have been if it had not been for Israel's actions.

I am not taking the side of any religion, just a people who have been dispossessed of their homeland illegally and we are all facing the consequencies and even being dispossessed ourselves in some towns as a consequence.

If this conflict is allowed to fester we will all be the worse for it Palestinian land is being stolen now on the West Bank against all UN resolutions. I can understand their anger and their antagonism to us for our seeming support of this theft.I would be the same in their position.
They had elections in Gaza and voted the wrong way. Where have we heard that before?

You have to understand your enemy to see where he is coming from.

Unless Israel negotiates in a meaningful way a Middle East disaster beckons and we should stay out of it, but as Nationalists we should have sympathy with other people whoever they are so long as they do not impinge on our freedom to control our land.


The fact is that we do not know the correct version of what happened,with the green hat brigade on one side,and zionist controlled western press on the other.above some-one said "we know"that such and such happened,we do not know,we read the internet,press and television,all of which are totally committed to distorting our view of the world for thier own purpose,to confuse and demoralize us,to make us pliant peons.

Silly Kuffar said...
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Andy said...

@ alfred litho
I used to be on the Palestinian side but lets face it. Those people only got control there because of the invasion by the Ottoman empire.
The Jew of Judea were given an ultimatum: Submit to Allah, die or leave.

They left but they never forgot.

The reason why I altered my perspective was.... It WILL happen here.