Wednesday, 5 May 2010


What is the difference between CAP and the thugs of the far left and fascism? NONE.

Read the true history of the leader of CAP below.

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Anonymous said...

I confess to being intrigued by the revelation Green Arrow provided a few blog entries ago that the hammer attack on Tony Ward, and the vandalism of our election campaign property was possibly down to a call to arms from former local TUC President, life-long labour supporter and labour party member of 25 years standing Stephen Hall

Unlike Green Arrow whose internet provider at his current location seems to think two tin cans and a bit of damp string is a viable connection to cyberspace, I have rather faster facilities onsite here. And thanks to the damage to my health done by the stress given to me by my previous employer, I have a little time on my hands at weekends as I can no longer currently get up to half the physical activities I used to.

So I decided to check out a few things. And I would like to share my findings with you.

Hall's posting on "LabourNet" (see the link in GA's post) claims he was informed of the upcoming BNP meeting by one Peter Franzen of the Community Action Party who was informed of the event by a "colleague" from the Socialist workers Party.

Now Mr Franzen seems a fairly decent sort of chap. If you view the link I selected, you will see he is a "founder member and Leader of the grass roots Community Action Party that has rocked “Fortress Labour in Wigan” and has spearheaded the slashing of the Labour Council majority from sixty six to just nine in less than three years. He was first elected as a Councillor in May 2002."

So far, all power to him, for it is suggested that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

But that only works up to a point.

On his campagn page for election for the Makerfield constituency he presents himself as "A campaigner for a policy of Zero tolerance of crime vandalism and anti-social behaviour" Go read the words for yoursself. I'm going to grab the page as a PDF as soon as I hit 'publish' here in case it "mysteriously vanishes" overnight.

Yet this man who serves the public as "a member of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority" and in his capacity as "Leader of the Opposition on Wigan Council" and "Vice-Chairperson of Wigan Council's powerful Overview and Scrutiny Committee" sees no particular problem in starting a chain of events that call for a "national mobilisation of anti-fascist supporters".

I call upon the Labour run Wigan Council to demand a statement from Mr Franzen as to the part he played in this affair and whether taking action to raise a lawless rabble for the purpose of doing violence on the street is a right and proper act for a man elected on a mandate of zero tolerance to crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

I see the Community Action Party website is kept well up to date though. Their front page is a call to their party faithful to turn out and vote for the CAP candidate in the West Wigan By-Election.


Their candidate, Ian (Sandy Franzen) persuaded an amazing 118 people to turn out and vote for him coming sixth out of six. UKIP got six more votes and our man, Christopher Hilton got 200 votes, coming in fourth with the Labour Party holding the seat, on a turnout of a piss-poor 21%. Ian (Sandy) Franzen ? That surname sounds awfully familiar. Is the Community Action Party a family affair or is "Franzen" a Mancunian dialect rendition of "Smith ?"