Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I have lived and worked in the Makerfield area all my life and brought my family up here.
During that time I have seen the gradual decay of the district owing to the incompetence and vindictiveness of both local and National governments.
Our coal industry is no more and our engineering a shadow of its former self.
The major parties, knowing this to be a seat with a large Labour majority have felt safe in ignoring us and encouraging investment elsewhere in more marginal seats.
Makerfield has been a "job for life" for the sitting MP provided he obeyed the party line imposed by Labour Party headquarters. Our previous MP, not a local gained his preferrment by this method even if it conflicted with local interests.
This lack of concern for us was my reason for joining the British National Party as I could see that it was the only party to put Britain's interests FIRST, and that is the reason I am standing, not for my own benefit but to promote our patriotic cause in the interests of local people.
The seat is now contested once again by Labour and Tories alike with candidates parachuted in, the Labour candidate being another party apparatchik answerable only to head office and the Tory imposed by Cameron in his drive to make his party more diverse, but a first step for her to Tory greatness if she puts on a good show.
They claim to want to speak for Makerfield, a constituency neither of them knew or had any allegience to until directed here from above.
How can these outsiders feel about our area as we who have roots here do?
Meanwhile the slow decay continues with our last remaining green belt being built over by speculative builders while industrial units remain empty and what few jobs are creates mainly go to cheap foreign labour often causing dispair among our young people, and Labour and Tories do not care. They have shown it in the past.
I am a man of action. If elected I would attack government inefficiency and high taxes which stifle small businesses and ordinary people. This would be easy if we ceased involvement in illegal foreign wars, exited the EU and stopped immigration.
The scrapping of these three alone would save much of the government deficit allowing lower taxes for businesses and ordinary people, higher pensions and the preservation of our green belt land.
I will ALWAYS put our area's interests FIRST,even before those of my party while the others SEEK ONLY TO USE US to further their careers.

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Good luck Ken !