Wednesday, 5 May 2010


So I was right. They do not care about our area.
None of the three leaders of the "major parties" (the three stooges) has deigned to visit us.
Now, being deprived of hearing their identical meaningless plattitudes is no loss but it demonstrates a point I have made before that if your area has a large majority for any party you are just ignored.
Another interesting feature of this election is the large numbers of "undecided" voters. I hope this is because many people in the unjust fascist state we have become fear to say they will vote BNP especially when asked the question by an ethnic reporter.

The other parties really do fear our influence. That is why we are so often insulted by them.
That is why Wigan Metro councillors held a special meeting to think of ways of "preventing the rise of the BNP"
This is why the rag Daily Mirror publishes at great expense their "Hope not Hate" paper.
One often wonders whether the people who buy this rag should be allowed to vote at all, so juvenile is the content. Possibly they can not read anyway.
It shows how divorced they are from the concept of democracy. The rise of the BNP is because those in power have not heeded the people's wishes.
If they want to prevent our progress do what we want.
At present they will not so the important thing is to frighten them more by voting BNP.
A rise in our vote puts the fear of God in them and even if we do not win the powers that be will take more notice of the ordinary people.
A BNP vote is worth 10 times as much as a vote for any of the others in the influence it has.

If you want to REALLY make a difference to your future


POSTSCRIPT. Good evening Mrs Itrat Ali CONservative candidate for Makerfield.
I have gathered by putting two and two together that you read this blog. Keep visiting this site and you may learn what the real people of our area think. It could stand you in good stead when you move on to richer Tory pastures.
You could tell your poncy toff of a boss just how out of touch he is.



Sir Henry Morgan said...
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Sir Henry Morgan said...
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Sir Henry Morgan said...

From Morg:

I currently have two formal complaints to the Electoral Commission lined up for after the election (I'll start next Monday - after this past week or so, and the upcoming almost solid 36 hours for me from late Friday until Monday morning you can all consider me dead)

The complaints: one will be about the disgraceful and ILLEGAL behavior of organising election hustings without inviting any of my candidates. I will post a copy of it within the next week.

The other involves some seriously dirty tricks originating - apparently - from Joyce Redfearn's empire. Someone from eiythin the council has rooted through my personal council files, extracted my private information (eg - my NI number, date of birth etc - then used that to pretend to be me and make alterations to my housing file. Apparently, up until this morning when I rectified matters, they thought I had phoned them to say I no longer live in Hindley, but at a new address in Worseley Mesnes. If they can do this, they can also aquire my medical records, my criminal record, they can open a bank account and really mess it up, take out a loan for a large amount of money etc etc.

This amounts to identity theft, and a violation of the Data Protection act (for starters).

I consider this to be a direct attack on my psychological balance immediately before an election in which I am running 19 local candidates and three general, candidates.

The evidence I have so far indicates strongly that it is an insider in the town hall - one or more with a bit of power. Certainly enough power to enter confidential files. Work out what that means. I will be using the complaint to the Electoral Commission as a means of forcing Ms Redfearn to order an in-depth investigation to discover the guilty party or parties. An apology is not enough - I want a head adorning my living-room.

So boys and girls - watch out for Labour party dirty tricks (who has the power in the town hall?)

It IS going to the electoral commission.

So, to those who knew something was going on with Morg - but weren't entirely sure what - you now have a rough outline.

To all other political parties - you watch out too, because Labour is lashing out at all and sundry in its national death throes. You don't think YOU are too big for this do you? If they'll do it to little me (and I am little more than an almost insignificant peasant), they'll do it to you to. I have a suspicion who is responsible - but without immediate evidence then I can't immediately name names. It will take time, but the responsible names will be named in time.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

That complaint will name Ms Redfearn as she is the Chief Executive of the council, and also Chief Returning Officer of the elections.

Forgive the typos in those posts - it's late at night, I've had long days with longer ones coming up, and I'm seriously tired - and seriously stressed by what's going on.

And oh - Bob Brierly, Independent candidate for Aston and Makerfield is also on the recieving end of some dirty tricks. Nothing quite like identity theft - but dirty tricks just the same.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The first complaint will name The Wigan Council of Churches.

I'm knacked - goodnight.

Silly Kuffar said...

Don't let the bastads grind you down Morg.