Monday, 26 April 2010

Three Horse Nightmare

Three-horse race to a supranational nightmare

By Gerald Warner, Scotsman. Published Date: 25 April 2010

CHOICE is a luxury that is no longer on offer to British voters. The identical programmes of the three main political parties have effectively created a one-party state. It is the great irony of this general election that the expansion of the traditional two-horse race into a three-horse contest has brought not the slightest philosophical broadening of the electoral landscape.

It would be more accurate to say that Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats share a homogenous culture. It is possible to detect slight differences in their respective agendas – the Liberal Democrats’ dissent from the Iraq War would be one instance but these are purely tactical variations in the implementation of a common political culture that Gordon Brown once described as “the Progressive Consensus”. When the advent of David Cameron as Conservative leader absorbed even the Tory Party into that consensus, multi-party democracy became history.

This did not simply happen: it was engineered. Nor is it a British phenomenon; if anything, Britain is a latecomer to a post-democratic political system that is propagated by the European Union as well as, at global level, by the United Nations. It is a necessary precursor to world government, the ultimate objective of the Progressive Consensus. Before attempting to understand what is happening at national level, we need to recognise the bigger picture, the context in which our own helotry is being engineered.

That picture is darkly dystopian. The EU project is a distorted attempt to recreate the unity of Christendom, but in the interests of the most fanatically anti-Christian agenda of which one could conceive: that of the Frankfurt School of Marxism. Economic Marxism is now the province of historians; cultural Marxism is carrying all before it. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked only the collapse of a failed model of state socialism. The rise of the European Union signals the resurgence of cultural Marxism, untrammelled by the need for Five Year Plans and regarding plutocracy as perfectly congenial.

Let the capitalists create wealth, is the new philosophy, so long as the state, through punitive taxation, is the largest beneficiary and dictates the mores of corporations, communities and individuals. The characteristics of cultural Marxism are materialism, statism, militant atheism, sexual nihilism, cultural shallowness and the sedulously fostered illusion of popular autonomy within what is actually a totalitarian system.

Its enemies are religion, the family, authentic as distinct from synthetic communities, tradition, national identity and homogenous culture. In recent decades the forces of cultural Marxism, spearheaded by the EU, have launched a ferocious attack upon all those unsympathetic institutions, increasingly employing legal coercion.

When the baffled voter looks at the three mainstream political parties and wonders why he cannot identify with any of them, his choice has been removed by supranational forces. He is alarmed by immigration and, so widespread is that concern, the snake-oil salesmen have adopted a cosmetic pretence of responding. Dave is babbling about an unspecified “cap”, Gordon pretends immigration is diminishing and Clegg wants to amnesty illegals.

None of that comes near meeting public concern. How is it that, in a cut-throat election contest, all three parties dare to defy the electorate? By consensus is the answer: so long as nobody breaks ranks, they can laugh at the mug punters, as they have done since the cross-party consensus was first formed in 1965 to abolish the death penalty against the will of the nation.

All three parties support the futile war in Afghanistan, which the public opposes; polls now show a majority of Britons wants to leave the EU, but none of the three parties would accord the promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, let alone an In/Out plebiscite. Every PC “hate law” and other oppressive measure enjoys tripartite support, since it is political and social death, within the bubble inhabited by the elite, to dissent from PC dogma.

It may not be possible to hold that line indefinitely. In this election the Liberal Democrats, who epitomise the PC consensus to the point of caricature, have irrationally become the conduit of electoral protest. That mistake will not be repeated. On Friday the BNP – the party that represents the antithesis of the PC consensus – published its manifesto. Its headline policies are: an end to immigration, withdrawal from Afghanistan and Britain’s exit from the European Union. If the main parties cannot see the writing on the wall they will have only themselves to blame.



Lanky Patriot said...

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I have not moderated them out or even read any of thwem, so please re submit them if you want.


P S visit the Wigan Courier site for a profile of me.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Sorry Charles - don't understand. If it's Chris Hill's comments you're talking about, it's me that's deleting those that get through, and it's me rejecting those I find in the 'moderation' stage. I have explained why I'm doing this. I will cease when he corrects the lie he posted as a comment on the Pat Condell post.

If he's whingeing to you, please refer him to me. It was in the comments to my post that he lied. And he knows he lied and now he's trying to pretend he doesn't understand what I'm on about. That I'm angry about it is an understatement.

Lanky Patriot said...

Christ Morg, thats a good synopsis of the situation.

If that is your own work I give you a mark of 110%

As far as the moderations were concerned I mistakenly lost one of Anita's comments.

As far as Chris Hill is concerned I'm sick and tired of him going about global warming.
Yes it may be occurring but how do we know we are at fault.
After the volcanish ash cloud fiasco I would have thought they would have thrown their computer predictions away. They could not forecast the danger for a week.


But even if they are right I will not be in favour of any taxes or penalties to our country until China and India make a few alterations to their economies.

I think in order to stop CO2 emissions we should IMMEDIATELY ban any global warming believer from travelling by train plane or car.

Oh and also cut off their heating and gas and they could live on salads such as lettuce.
I know it would make them even more miserable than usual. Vegetarians are more prone to depression and often commit suicide so we could reduce the population at the same time.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

No Charles, I can't claim it as my own work. Good Lord I wish I could, because it is such a perfect summing up of the situation the British people find themselves in.

And so well written.

It was written by Gerald Warner who regularly contributes to the Telegraph. Must freelance as well because this was in the Scotsman.

I found it in The Lunatic Arms.

bertie bert said...

BNP 2010 Election Broadcast 26th April

bertie bert said...

BNP 2010 Election Broadcast 26th April

Anonymous said...

Good evening all, it is nice to know that not all of the media are leftards.

You at war with Charles? Damn, I best not argue no more in regards to the universe with you Sir ;p

Busying myself at the moment with some local digging and those English Democrats have fully fledged lefties in it too for the love of God!

Just wanted to say that I've read it thrice already and it still amazes me that even though Britons see the diease, they will not suffer the medicine to cure it.

Gods, madness, funeral pyre comes to mind.

But there is hope. Not in Peckham though but Blighty as a whole. Damn, Peckham needs the Luffewafte again to sort it out. (sic)

BNP, the only medicine strong enough that will reverse the rot called Cultural Marxism.


BNP, the Establishment's worst nightmare. Make it happen!

Feel free to borrow these too Sir. Hopefully allow me some credit when we'll have a disagreement about creationism ;p

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I have no argument with Charles - it's with one of our regular commenters who lied on a thread of mine then refused to correct his lie; didn't even acknowledge it.

He's a former party member who is now a UKIP man, and he's also trying to spam for UKIP on our blog - he has to be mad to think we'll put up with that, especially during an election period. Arguing with me is fine - it's the lying I can't tolerate.

We don't have any problem with a good-natured argument about the Universe etc. Actually, I rather enjoy that sort of argument - my only problem is that right now, what with the elections and all, I just don't have the time for it.

Anonymous said...

Charles and Morg.

Chris Hill is a person who spreads discord, end of.

Personal grief and jealousy.

Not worth wasting debate on.

Onward and Upward.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

British Lady

He took a pop at you too in one of his comments. I deleted it in moderation.

Anonymous said...

That PhD merchant did spam here quite a few times.

Totally understandable.

Personally, I'm having a hard time finding someone to cast my vote for in the rotten constituency known as Camberwell & Peckham, so can imagine the amount of strain the Patriotic Nationalists who put me to shame are feeling.

Fingers crossed that we upset the Establishment across the board.

God bless all the hard-grafting BNPers. You do the nation proud and shall be honoured one day, I'm in no doubt.

We will tear down the EU flag soon enough I'm sure.

Anonymous said...



That PhD merchant did spam here quite a few times. Sticks and stones ....

As a few of us, have seen,
starting to look like a Troll.

Anonymous said...

A similar process is in motion in the USA.

The Runaway Locomotive of Obamunism

The socialist usurpers of Washington, otherwise known as the Democratic Party, are celebrating and gloating after their successful vote to destroy the existing health-care system of the United States. They believe that their victory marks the beginning of the end of the America we once knew. I am referring to the America of the Founders, of the Constitution, of the Republic, and of a free people. As Nancy Pelosi so eloquently put it, they have “kicked the door in” and will follow up this monstrosity with more audacious bids for control of our lives.

The health care behemoth was simply a battering ram to impose socialism in America.

Next up is immigration reform ie Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants (or undocumented Democrats, as a commentator puts it), followed by Cap and Trade, the American equivalent of Climate Change to destroy all private industry.

In bioilogical systems, there are times when a species decides to exterminate itself. However this is the fate of simple creatures. But we are rational creatures. We should not be influenced by biological or psychological tidal movements. If we do not oppose the idiocy emanating from Brussels and Washington DC, we deserve our fate.

Anonymous said...


I believe we are faced with what I would call 'dark forces'. They are militant Atheism allied with cultural Marxism, cultural relativism, and multiculturalism. All of them are against the traditional values of the UK, and the West as a whole.

Faced with such opposition, allied with the bloodthirsty religion of Islam, allowed to take hold in the West, we need more then a party to oppose this evil. We need faith, the very faith that turned the tide at Vienna and Poitiers. The faith that the Polish people put their faith in, which brought the Evil Empire of the USSR crashing down. Now who would have ever though that a bunch of trade unionists, supported by the Catholic Church, would have brought a superpower to its knees?

Not coincidentally, that very faith is the one under greatest attack in Europe.