Monday, 26 April 2010


The election process hots up.

I've had the leaflets for the Labour Tory and Independent candidates for Makerfield.

The Labour candidate Yvonne Fovargue, a good old Wigan name that is endorsed by "Wiganer" our illustrious retiring "local" MP.
Now that's a surprise. Who would have thought it?
Her leaflet says she went to university and has worked most of her life in the charity sector.

So no proper job then in spite of her education.
She says she will always be Makerfield's representitive in Westminster. So she has a job for life, parachuted in by the Labour hierarchy.
Not if we can help it. I bet she had never heard of Makerfield six months ago.

The Tory candidate Itrat Ali, (another local name) but much more pleasant and seemingly a nicer person than Ms Fovargue, has also been chosen to show Camerons "diverse" credentials and has been imposed in a test to see if she is good enough for preferrment.
I suppose if she does not get in as she won't she could be made a baroness like the gobby Baroness Warsi who also rose without trace to the Lords.
Her leaflet shows her at various places round the Makerfield constituency (presumably she had a sat nav to find her way about) spouting the usual vacuous Tory plattitudes.

Anyhow last night there was a "hustings" at Hindley Parish Church and these two were joined by my brother's namesake John Mather whose leaflet seems more like a job application, although as a physics graduate he is obviously more intelligent than the other two, and his unemployed status is a mystery.
A notable absence on the invites list was our candidate for Makerfield Ken Haslam who has lived and worked in the area for over 65 years.
I am told that a hustings should legally invite all contestants and although the churches are against our Christian party it is a moot point whether they were breaking the law.
Not to be deterred 4 of our members sat in the audience and when the vicar was asked by Mr Haslam if all men were equal before God why was he denied a platform.
Of course the vicar, more used to preaching to his diminishing flock without being challenged was somewhat discomfited. There was shock in the audience when Ken announced his party allegience.

He asked Ms (I presume she is a Ms, she's Labour) why she had been parachuted into an erstwhile safe Labour seat in spite of knowing nothing about the area. This of course was an unwelcome question which she could not answer.
Mrs Ali (she will be Mrs she's a Tory) was asked the same question. The racist rejoinder was easily countered when it was pointed out that she had been brought up in Yorkshire and that was why the question was posed.

With Ken were another 3 stalwarts, our secretary Tony Farrell, Morgan and Barry Longstaff

Tony asked about their attitude to abortion and stated that we would not need immigration if more British childeren were born.

The trouble with the electoral system is that the major parties USE US in their struggle for dominance.
The local people get no choice. It is imposed on them.

After the meeting Mr Haslam went to shake hands with those on the panel in the usual civilised way of our party.

Mrs Ali was very friendly as was the vicar and Mr Mather.
However Ms Fovargue or whatever her name is refused even this show of politeness when people of different opinions can debate in a civilised way. SO NOT MUCH CHARITY THERE THEN.
She will go a long way in the Labour Party and if they ever get power again will fit in nicely with the other Labour harridan cabinet ministers.

Labour really is the "Nasty Party" or is it that they just attract nasty women?


Silly Kuffar said...

With an aging population and the supposed highest teenage pregnancies in Europe, with the abortion of 7 million children in Britain we would not have ever needed to import a foreign workforce if the Aborted Indigenous children had been allowed to be born.

If Nazi Germany had been aborting Children by their millions Abortion would be banned in this country.
Nobody ever talks about the Genocide of the British thorugh Abortion.
How many Asian/Muslim women have abortions compared to the Indigenous population ?

Andy said...

Its also a fact every nation with a stable population and high family values is a wealthy nation.

I fear for the energy crunch. Too many mouths, not enough arable land.

Lanky, Top post. Its a shame Hindleys Representative of God is possibly a low-life bigot.