Sunday, 25 April 2010


The scurrilous attack on the Catholic Church by some idiot in the Foreign office shows clearly the anti Christian mentality of the other parties. They would not dare to attack a muslim leader. There would be riots, so why the difference in attitude.
It is because our traditions and heritage have been built on Christianity and thus must be mocked in the interests of "diversity" and "vibrance".
They even wanted the Pope to apologise for the Spanish Armada.
What's that hisorical event to do with the present Pope.

Now I am not a Catholic, indeed am a lapsed Anglican but am incensed at this insult.
Yesterday I was at a wedding, actually in a Catholic church, and it was a beautiful service and even though not a Catholic I FELT AT HOME.
I do not think I would have had the same feeling in a mosque at a muslim wedding as that faith is ALIEN to our land.

The "junior officials" have been "repremanded" BIG DEAL.
If they had been found out to have been a member of the BNP or insulted Mohammed they would have been instantly sacked, and that is what should happen to these anti Christian fools.

It is only a pity that theCof E clergy can not see the insidious danger that is threatening our culture. But then they seem to change their beliefs like the weather to be inclusive.
RUBBISH If you have a faith you stick by it. That is why your churches are empty.




Anonymous said...


In the not too distance past,
our Priests, carried out our Mass in Latin, it is a spectacular feeling,

Ava Maria, in Latin, makes you cry, ( well me ).

I will never ever, let the Muslim religion take my Christianity away,

That is why I am BNP,

My England, My Land.

A Christian Land.

The Parasite, who has insulted Pope Benedict, should be SACKED.

No, he will not, because the present trend and doctrine, Lab, Tory and Lib Dems are all in the same cesspool.

They seem intent on making our Land Muslim.

Re Chris Hill, either join up or shut up !

Anonymous said...

Vatican fury at 'dark forces' in Britain: Aides warn offensive Foreign Office memo threatens Pope's historic visit

Read more:

This is serious.

Is this the start ?

Imagine Muhammad, Islam insulted in this way ?

My Lord, You would never hear the end of it.

Even Christians who do not have BNP, values, should stop and think.

All of Europe
who are Christian need to have a bloody good think - Turkey are next to join, Turkey = Muslims.

Am to angry to continue, spread the truth.

Anonymous said...

Protesters are to gather outside BBC headquarters tomorrow as the British National Party's election broadcast is aired.

The BBC is accused by campaign group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) of giving "unwarranted and uncritical coverage" of the BNP during the run-up to the election.

The BNP's five-minute party election broadcast (PEB) is set to be aired on BBC1 at 6.55pm.

UAF's protest at Broadcasting House in central London will be supported by the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (Bectu), as well as the Muslim Council of Britain and Jewish Council for Racial Equality.

A BBC spokesman said the Corporation was "obliged to treat political parties contesting the election with due impartiality", as set out in its charter.

He added: "Over the course of the election, we will ensure appropriate scrutiny as we would with any party."

But UAF joint secretary Sabby Dhalu said: "The BBC has given unwarranted and uncritical coverage of the BNP during this election campaign, particularly on TV news and Radio 4, which has failed to challenge its racist scapegoating of immigrants and Islamophobia.

"The BBC's justification for giving the BNP more coverage is the election of two BNP MEPs last year. This is misguided.

"Giving the BNP a platform and failing to expose and challenge it gives the BNP a veneer of legitimacy.

"The BNP is a fascist organisation, not a normal political party, and the public does not pay its licence fee to see fascists broadcast their politics of hate."

Gerry Morrissey, general secretary of Bectu, said the BNP's policies were "abhorrent to the vast majority of hard working people".

He said: "The BNP would like to scare people to believing they have something to fear from multiculturalism, and their policies of hatred and racism should not be given airtime by our broadcasters."

BNP leader Nick Griffin's controversial appearance on Question Time in October led to the BBC Television Centre in west London being "locked down" due to a surge of protesters.

Campaigners brought traffic to a standstill as they demonstrated against the decision to invite him on the flagship current affairs programme.

Launching the party's 90-page election manifesto last week, Mr Griffin said: "We say Britain is full. It is the most overcrowded country in Europe and it is time to shut the doors."