Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dying for THIS!?

Have a read of one of the things the Labour government (supported by the Tories and the LibDems), is sending our young men and women out to Afghanistan to defend. WOULD YOU WANT YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER DEFENDING IT?

Scroll down to read it all.And do note that when the Taliban were in power they banned this practice.

Much the same as what they did to the Opium trade, really.

Both practices that have only returned since we removed the Taliban. The return of the opium trade is well known to our young men and women ... but THIS?



thelunaticarms said...

Now that is what I call backwards.

We should have carpet-bombed the whole of Afghanistan, nothing good has come out of there since the silk road closed.

Lanky Patriot said...

So that's how they do it.
I've always wondered that with some men having 4 wives what happened to satisfy the 3 men left without a partner.
It seems they get a little lad.
I say leave them to their barbaric medieval ways and--