Sunday, 18 April 2010


Sorry for the absence of a blog, my wife's 65th birthday had to take precedence or my life would not have been worth living.

Just a quick thoutht today.
All the major parties are in favour of choice. No problems with that.
But then they say they are against discrimination.
Now when I did English at school the definitions of these two words were almost the same.
If I choose to got to a certain pub, shop or live in a certain area I am discriminating against the others.
If I am not allowed to discriminate I am being denied my choice which I am told I am entitled to.
I decided to live in Wigan as have my ancestors for 400 years. I discriminated against other areas as I am told is my right.
I have a right to live in the environment and with the people I grew up with and in the same culture. I chose to do so.
I DID NOT CHOOSE to have my town, my environment, my culture to be swamped by people with different cultures and ways of life and have these changes imposed on me by Westminster.
Yes these people are also entitled to their choice, but not to deprive me of my choice.
If the authorities belive that my exercising my choice of who I live with is discrimination , so be it.
I choose and therefore I discriminate, and I will always choose Wigan.
I would hope in the forthcoming elections electors will also discriminate between those imposed upon us and those like our three parliamentary candidates who CHOSE to spend their lives working and living in our area.
We will always discriminate in favour of Wiganers and Leythers whatever any one else or even our Party, the BNP says. The future prosperity of OUR AREA will always be foremost in our efforts. I can not see a conflict with Party policy and our desire to help our area but if there was a difference Wigan and Leigh would take priority.
WE ARE FIRST AND LAST WIGANERS AND LEYTHERS and would never follow a Party whip.


bertie bert said...

Break the 20,000 BNP members barrier before the end of the election.

Anonymous said...

bertie bert,

Just to say Thank You for your,

fantastic you tube postings,

absolutely true Patriot,

God Bless. Onward and Upward