Saturday, 20 March 2010


Just a quick note tonight as I am somewhat tired following our successful fundraiser last night.
We were treated to another of Jonathan Bowden's speeches. Jonathan is possibly one of the most accomplished political speakers in any party and certainly better than any our opposition could put up. We were lucky to have him and appreciate his effort in driving 150 miles in each direction.

Although the actual numbers at the meeting were somewhat fewer than we would have liked that was more than made up by the generosity of those buying tickets even though they were unable to attend and the generosity of people's contributions including two donations of £100, one from a member on benefits and one from a pensioner.
Really special was a cheque for £68 from members of the crew of a Royal Navy supply ship from somewhere in the Atlantic. Our reach really does spread wide.

Also thanks to the owners of the venue and the ladies who provided the superb buffet.
The total receipts were £2,566. From that was deducted £90 for petrol.
These funds will enable us to mount a strong campaign in our three Parliamentary seats with full leaflet cover.

In addition we will be standing in as many wards as possible and candidates are being selected.We may not be able to leaflet fully all the wards we are standing in but the candidates will be announced on this blog together with their wards and policies later.
We are on our way!

Keep looking in to this blog for the latest information and policies in the next six weeks.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

Well done Charles. So that is not just us locally, but also the BNP North/West region that has achieved its targets.

I suppose now we have to start saving for the next one. I mean ... it's not as if we get funds from billionaires like the LibLabCon party (billionaires give nothing without demanding something in return - and the LibLabCon party wont tell us what they are giving in return).