Monday, 22 March 2010


A little bird tells me that local "democrat" Peter Franzen was with his fellow thugs in Bolton on Saturday as was his friend Stephen Hall enjoying the company of his friends, the violent UAF
These two you will remember were at the demonstration last year when BNP activist Tony Ward was "peacefully" hit on the head with a claw hammer.

While understanding the EDL's anxiety at the rising influence of militant islam we do not condone or support these confrontational demonstrations. Attendance at these events results in expulsion from the BNP.
Street fighting is not our way. We BELIEVE in the democratic process even though it is stacked nowadays against us. When we have power we will redress the balance and promote FAIRNESS.

We believe in EQUALITY,so that all people can enjoy free speech but free speech is not assisted by violent demonstrations. Yes this is OUR country but street marches are not the way and only serve to bring the antidemocratic thugs like Franzen and Hall out of their holes to join their friends such as UGLY WEYMAN.
Judge a person by his friends and while Franzen is not as ugly (or thick?) as Weyman he is certainly no oil painting and if he had his way we would soon become a minority in our town.

Franzen is not a muslim so why was he there if not to take part in his favourite activity, a riot.
He was a councillor and pretended to represent British people but his main concern was to prevent illegal immigrants being deported (in between being warned for disruptive behaviour in the council chamber when he tried to bring his thuggish ways into that chamber).

No doubt this lout will be putting up for election this time.
If you are thinking of voting for him remember by doing so you are voting for a thug who cares more for the interests of immigrants than he does for you.
Perhaps however you do agree with him and believe that Wigan is not "vibrant and diverse" enough and wish to live in a town which has more in common with Islamabad than old Wigan.
IF YOU WANT MORE DIVERSITY then Franzen is your man.

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