Saturday, 20 March 2010


"Among those arrested was UAF organiser, Weyman Bennett, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. ...

Today in Bolton we have seen some small evidence of this protest in the form of flag waving and vitriolic name calling - but we have also seen groups of people, predominantly associated with the UAF, engaging in violent confrontation.

It is clear to me that a large number have attended today with the sole intention of committing disorder and their actions have been wholly unacceptable. Turning their anger onto police officers they acted with, at times, extreme violence and their actions led to injuries to police officers, protestors and members of the public." [...]

There you have it, straight from the horses mouth, the UAF are the FASCIST MILITANT WING OF UNITE THE UNION AND NEW LABOUR.


Lanky Patriot said...

I'm torn between this ugly fascist being given a hefty sentence or being let out to cause further mayhem.
Yes he has deserved a custodial sentence many times but having people of his ilk demonstating their contempt for democracy does our cause a lot of good.
People are beginning to wake up to the totalitarian Marxists who have grown ever more powerful in recent years.
This is a country which prided itself on free speech and we are not going to give it up for the likes of ugly Weyman, whoever is paying him.

Having expressed my joy at his arrest and hopeful downfall I do not condone the confrontational marches of the EDL, nor does our party.
Unfortunately if our voice of reason is not listened to and acted upon in a democratic way this disorder will become more frequent in the future.

The BNP is the only way to prevent such violence and hooliganism from spreading nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Great news.

Should round up all the UAF and sell them to N.Korea.

We get cash, they get 'communism'.

Everyone is a winner, even Dear old Kim Jong (is he the II or III - I forget).

And does anyone know if Waymen has ever had a real job? Or has he always been a student? If it is the latter, would explain so much ;p

Silly Kuffar said...

I mentioned football hooligans to Morgan and T last year, on the way to Nicks Fundraiser in St Helens.
I said then you can't throw Football Hooligans at Islamists who have spent years aquiring battlefield experience of Fighting against British Troops in Afghan istan and Iraq.
When the Islamists give the call all the smuggled Arms that come through with Islamist followers Diplomatic Immunity Containers.
We need Our Military Forces home now and enforce a FREE and FAIR General Election.
Then they can be put to use rounding up all ILLIEGALS, CRIMINALS, ISLAMISTS etc.
There will be plenty of work to restore this country but we will do it and create and supply jobs by a fresh era of true Renewal for Britain and her People.

Lanky Patriot said...

Showing who the thugs were even the BBC reported that several of the UAF were arrested before the EDL had turned up.

Lanky Patriot said...

I think Weyman has always been a student. That is on account of him being a very SLOW learner.
When you have not many "little grey cells" it makes it a lot harder to learn, hence the long time as a student.
On the other hand he may be doing a PhD but I doubt it. He probably remains as a student as he can not get a job.
If you were an employer, would you take him on?
He does not look as they say round here "work prattle"

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Charles,

You said:
"he has deserved a custodial sentence many times but having people of his ilk demonstrating their contempt for democracy does our cause a lot of good."

I say:
I can only say that I agree 100%.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

@ LP

LOL - I did think the same as I'm sure Weyman couldn't even spell PhD, let alone study for one.

I do know there are 'mature' students, but that cannot apply to Bennett or Smith due to the fact they are so damn immature.

@ SK

The day Islminutzis fire upon the hooligans will be the day that human rights go out the window and every man, woman and child who praise the Death Cult will be executed.

Lack of compassion? Yeah, but I'd rather lose a million Muslims than one British soul.

DAMN! Sound like those Leftarded Fools who demean us Nationalists...

Peace, love and happiness is what I aim for.

Nice to have a back-up though ;p

BTW - from experience, not all hooligans are bad people, they just like the fighting. Was a little guilty of it myself - but when you can get more jail time punching someone at a football match than actually robbing someone on the street - you just know it's time to leave.

Plus, when you forget to duck, it can narf hurt ;p

Silly Kuffar said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

I wouldn't take him on if I met in the street never mind take him on as an employer.

Another thing, in regards to overconsumption of resources (Food, Petrol, Water etc) shouldn't those who, like the VIOLENT CRIMINAL WEYMAN BENNET, pay more ?
He uses more Food Resources, Fuel Resources, LARGER CARBON BODYPRINT etc.
His Body Mass will use more Petrol/Diesel to convey him in luxury from A-B than a person of a Healthy Size.
Overlarge RACIST MIDGET CHAVS like Bennet and the overlarge MILITANT ISLAMIST MIDGET MUSLIM Choudry should be forced to pay a SIZE LEVY. This could also go towards any payment for any future use of the NHS due to GREED RELATED ILLNESSES.
And re-education in Healthy-Eating.

Lanky Patriot said...

I forgot to mention that nasty little **** Smith. He looks evil and only out to cause trouble.
He would not dare do it on his own so he must take his HEAVY, Weyman to protect him.

Another thing these two trouble causers are not muslims I believe so why were they there?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Total arrested - 74.

Of these at least 55 are UAF thugs.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And Smith was one of those arrested too - along with Bennett.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And here's the Observer version of yesterday's events:

And the Observer's view on the campaign in Barking:

The Observer comment facility is open on this one.

Anonymous said...

Sky news has a good discussions thread online .... at the moment.

" Who are the UAF and what do they do? "

Some interesting links.

Silly Kuffar said...


have you got a link for that Sky news article ?

Anonymous said...

Silly Kuffar,

Go to sky news online....then Discussions at top of page...then under UK news .......

" Who are the UAF and what do they do? "
cannot get a paste up so can you get it that way.