Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Well,well well they are really getting in a tizz after our leafletting in Leigh.
Below is a letter I received today together with a "Hope not Hate" newspaper.

Dear Charles,

This RUBBISH was delivered to my door this week and a massive anti BNP launch has been issued in this area.
Four different people have knocked on my door in Leigh spreading lies about the BNP
Where is the response from the BNP? They could do very well in this area.(Don't worry we will respond!).
The callers were all from South Manchester and are targetting the Leigh West ward.
This area is a dumping ground for Eastern European migrants and our area has gone downhill with houses fetching less than £30,000 at auction.

Leigh West councillors are Susan Greensmith "Lord" Peter Smith and Myra Whiteside.
They have done nothing for this area and people are fed up with them housing Slovakian gypsies round here.

I call on you to pass this information to the relevant people.

Thank you.

This letter was accompanied by the "Mirror " sponsored rag "Hope not Hate" featuring prominently the cross dressing Eddie Izzard and ex singer Coleen Nolan.
Why do these people think because they are on the telly their opinions are more valid than any others?
An article in the middle praises a foreign surgeon who saved a young woman's life.
SO? That was his job and nobody would doubt his dedication and I know that from experience. BUT any doctor worth his salt would have done the same and the reason we have to rely on foreign doctors is because we do not train enough of our own and those Brits who do qualify emigrate to get away from this PC cesspit.

An indication of this rag's innacuracies is that he is described as a Ugandan Asian when his name (Nsamba) and appearance shows he is of African origin.
It says he was kicked out of Uganda for being Asian. He is not Asian and those Asians who were kicked out had lived there for generations but Idi Amin is never described as "racist".
It is also alleged that the BNP is misusing taxpayers money for our election campaign.
As a local organiser I know that is not true as we have had to raise the funds ourselves.
I also know the work put in by our officials working in the EU (If you want a DVD explaining it all phone the above number)

I will not rebut all the allegations on this rag today as the post would be too long but I will later.
Suffice it to say that all this effort shows that the BNP has NOT been kicked out of our area as was crowed 5 years ago and we are growing daily as evidenced by the effort and expense of the smear campaign in Leigh.

Keep it up you useless Labour councillors. It is rebounding on you. People can see who you represent and it is not the people of Wigan and Leigh.


Dr Chris Hill said...

(Off topic I know, but this subject it has been extensively commented on here in the past.)

The Commons Science and Technology Committee, investigating those stolen emails from the East Anglican University Centre for Climate Research, have found that there was no misuse, or unscientific manipulation, of data.

They said:
We have found no reason in this unfortunate episode to challenge the scientific consensus that global warming is happening and is induced by human activity.

The investigation did criticise some researchers for not making data more freely available, but that in no way suggests that the facts of Climate Change the centre made public were anything other than based on good scientific research.

For months now these scientists have been unfairly put under suspicion, in-order to muddy the truth of Global warming, it's now time for those who doubted that truth to admit they have been duped by unscrupulous vested interest groups (such as Arab Oils Sheiks, and multinational companies).

Chris Hill

Jonny said...

Hello, just wondering if the wigan branch has an email I can send to. I can't seem to find their email anywhere.


Lanky Patriot said...

Hi Jonny,

We have an e mail I think but I never use it.
If you want to contact us e mail

BTW I am the Wigan organiser


Silly Kuffar said...

Hi Jonny

You can contact Wigan-Leigh BNP on the Email address below.



Lanky Patriot said...

I read that a group of climate change activists has recently flown to South Africa to discuss climate change. Some of those involved were in the protests against air travel at Heathrow airport.


Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Charles (13:09hrs),

Of course, many unscrupulous people will be using the fact of climate change for their own ends (selling carbon credits etc), but that in no way has any bearing on the truth of Global Warming.

As for people flying around the world to discuss the issue, I agree it's madness. I once heard a radio interview with a famous formula one driver, who told how he turned his TV off, instead of leaving it on standby, to help reduce his Carbon footprint. Good God I thought, here's a man who flies hundreds of thousand of miles a year to drive a massively over powered car around in circles, what hypocrisy!

Being a scientist is a great calling, but not everyone who answers that call is beyond temptation (or even honest for that matter), but I do think the majority are. And that can certainly not be said about Arab Oil sheiks and multinational oil company executives.

Chris Hill