Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Only two weeks ago I gave a talk about the possibility of a hung Parliament and a sharp drop in the value of the pound.

I wondered whether this would trigger a national emergency and a coalition of national unity with further elections suspended in the interests of the country.
Now it seems civil servants are considering just such a scenario.
This would give the government powers unprecedented except in war and an opportunity to take us fully into the EU and suspend democracy.

The will of the people would be ignored in the "national interest" and our hard won rights finally lost in a fascist super state.
I don't know whether anyone in government circles heard my talk but they seem to be anticipating the situation I predicted.
I hope I did not give them the idea.

The three "major parties" would be involved in this coalition it seems and thus the only real opposition to our future slavery would be the BNP.
No wonder those in power attack us so. We are the ONLY opposition to their sinister plans and thus the only bulwark against this proposed theft of our democracy and freedom.

Never has it been more important to vote for and support the BNP.
It could be our last chance to secure our freedom.

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Silly Kuffar said...

If that does happen can we rely on Armed Forces/Security Services to come to the aid of the Nation and it's people that they are employed to protect ?

Brown and his TRAITOROUS CABAL have tried to influence situations where it could automatically bring in the Civil Contingencies Act.

The worse thing about this is who do we have to defend our freedoms ?
Us. The BNP.