Thursday, 1 April 2010


Part 2 of rebuttal of the "Hope not hate" rag.

The fact that this "paper" is published by the Daily Mirror speaks volumes about the Left's opinion of the intelligence of the British voters.
There are quotes from statements allegedly made by Nick Griffin when he was in his teens.
However much they try to smear him he has NEVER said anything against our country nor been involved with or paid by countries opposed to our democratic way of life.

If we wish to go back consider Mandelson, Clarke, Darling Reid etc, all communists supporting a state with nuclear missiles aimed at us.
Yes in his youth Nick may have said things which he may regret now but he ALWAYS supported Britain unlike these traitors.

I do not know all the things he may have said in his youth but I DO KNOW he has not denied the Jewish holocaust, he has questioned details. He admits it was a crime unlike the erstwhile communists mentioned above who brush Stalin's far worse crimes under the table.
BTW I have visited Auswitz, so I know a bit about it.

The BNP do NOT consider women inferior as evidenced by us standing Tina Wingfield in Salford and my wife has a responsible job in the party and is as committed to it as I am.
The BNP do not advocate the scrapping of income tax.

We do not need these leftist rags to make our policies. We make our own and if people want to know what we really think look on our web site.

Policies we do believe in.

1 No more illegal wars. Come out of Afganistan. Bring our soldiers home.
2 Stop immigration completely saving £BILLIONS in assistance, housing and legal costs.
3 Exit the EU saving at least £60 BILLION.
4 Stop all foreign aid saving at least £8 BILLION.
5 Cut taxes on British industry so that we can compete internationally.
6 Get the banks off our backs. Have a nationalised bank to lend to people and businesses at reasonable rates. Let the casino banks go to the wall while guaranteeing deposits.
7 British jobs for British workers getting our young people off the dole.
8 Bring back our utilities to British control so that we are not in the hands of the French and Germans
9 Improve our education system with proper courses and apprenticeships rather than encourage Mickey Mouse courses which are useless from a student's point of view nor are they of any use to our nation.
10 Increase old age pensions. We would be able to afford it if we took the above measures.

Well that's ten of them and we have more but we don't need the Daily Mirror to tell us what our policies are.

A final thought. We were never asked whether we wanted to be a multicultural society so ALL illegal immigrants would be deported together with people from abroad who had committed crimes.

That's enough for now, but Britain will need more than hope if we are to survive in the future and in due course the people will come to hate those who have destroyed our country.

A day of reckoning is nigh.


Anonymous said...

IS this itching, scratching, imbecile our future,

Hope Not Hate - Leader.....

Spread this film, it gets us

instant notice of what we are

opposing, BNP or this cretin ?

A vote winner.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Charles,

As I think you know I don't have much time for Nick Griffin anymore, but I have even less time for that traitorous rag the Daily Mirror. However I must point out that (if my memory serves me rightly) there was a commitment, in the BNP's 2005 general election manifesto, to abolish Income Tax. At the time I personally chose to interpret this to be a commitment to a fairer system of government funding, rather than a hard and fast pledge to abolish all income tax, but it was in the manifesto.

The other nonsense commitment was to force all households to keep a rifle (as is the law in Switzerland), which I'm afraid was completely unrealistic. But apart from those two policies that 2005 manifesto was a well thought out and very realistic document, which I'm afraid cannot be said about any copy of the Daily Mirror published in the last 20 years.

Chris Hill

Silly Kuffar said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

You can find that Martin (TRAITOR) smith video on Wigan Patriot ...

Have a good Easter.