Friday, 5 March 2010


Good news today. Geert Wilders is to show his film "Fitna" about the dangers of islamic fundamentalism in Parliament. This top Dutch politician who in a recent election got 21.6% of the vote and could possibly in the near future be the Dutch premier was stopped last year from entering Britain by the then Home Secretary thieving Jaqui Smith for fear of alienating the muslim population.
The only pity is that this courageous Dutch politician is the guest of Lord Rannoch the UKIP peer.

So even that party recognises the danger of islam. However they are quite happy for immigration to continue provided it is balanced by emigration, a policy which if carried to its conclusion could mean Britain full of foreigners and all Brits seeking refuge elsewhere.
The trouble is there are fewer and fewer places to escape to.

Contrast Labour's attitude to the thrice married Jacob Zuma of South Africa who met the Queen. Brown was effusive with praise with this sex obsessive who still says we are an imperialist country.
His "rainbow country" however does not live up to its name and whites there must live in guarded gated compounds and living standards are decreasing.
No wonder they can not sell tickets for the World Football cup.

At last people in Europe are seeing the dangers of our continent being overun by those of other cultures with the connivance and encouragement of traiterous governments and "Right Wing" parties are growing in popularity in several European countries.

I wonder if the Tory sponsored UAF thugs will be out in protest.
If they are it will do our cause no harm and show the Tories true colours.

Our time is coming but lets hope people chose the real thing and not the wishy washy UKIP.

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