Friday, 5 March 2010


So it is true. They're holding an election for Iraqi nationals in Salford because it is not safe for these people to vote in their own country.
Even the Labour council claims it was not consulted. I find this hard to believe.

Provisions are being made for up to 100,000 to vote in the city.
Why were the local residents not informed? Why should they have to put up with all these aliens descending on their district?
Why are they in our country in the first place? We were told that Iraq had been liberated and was now a democracy thanks to Bush and Blair. Why have they not gone back? Perhaps it is because they can vote Labour here.
If they blow each other up in their own country, hard cheese, it has nothing to do with us.

Are we in future to become a national polling booth for all the dross of the world who are so uncivilised that they can not hold elections without killing each other?
Will it be Zimbabwe next or North Korea?
The Labour Party like postal votes. Why did they not use them this time?

In OUR country we are SUPPOSED to be a democracy. Why were the people not told, not even the Labour toady councillors?

As TRUE ENGLISHMEN we object to having this farce foisted on us, especially in such an underhand way. It's bad enough trying to counter the third world tactics of the Labour Party without having to host such an event.

PERHAPS THE LABOUR PARTY ARE SEEKING LESSONS on running elections in an even more corrupt manner.

WE WILL REMEMBER YOUR CONTEMPT and hit you and your corrupt parties in the ballot box with a cross at the side of the BNP candidate.


Lanky Patriot said...

A point I just thought about. Who's paying for all this?
Thr costs of policing must be horrendous as will be the costs to local businesses not to mention the inconvenience of local TAX PAYING residents.
We did not vote for this.
This is not democracy.

Silly Kuffar said...

The more New Labour tell us we are a Democracy the more we lose our Freedoms.

And guess whose Council tax is going UP....OUR'S