Friday, 5 March 2010


Now it's starting to hit the proverbial.
Where's Andy "I'm Allright Jack" Burnham ?

Your council Tax will rise along with everything else.
Somebodys got to pay for the Arseholes of the third world to be kept in luxury.
And that somebody is

Last year, the Government asked NHS authorities to come up with proposals to reorganise the service to save money as a result of the recession. Details have started to emerge of what is likely to be a rolling programme of cuts that contrasts sharply with assurances from Labour and the Tories that the NHS was “safe”.

So far, only the plans for London have come to light. Campaigners claimed the proposals threatened services such as casualty and maternity units at 13 out of 36 hospitals in the capital.

The failure of health authorities in other areas to disclose their response has prompted allegations that proposed closures, which could be politically damaging to the Government, will not be published until after polling day.

The scale of the cuts has caused a rebellion among Labour ministers who have openly defied the Government by publicly protesting at closures at their local hospitals.

Next week, health ministers will come under pressure from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to disclose the scale of the plans, with the Tories calling an emergency debate on the issue.[...]

The cutbacks are partly as a result of Lord Darzi’s 2008 review of the NHS, which recommended more community based treatment in large GP centres and bigger, specialist treatment centres in hospitals.

Take the billons of "Ring Fenced" ££ and use it to remove the SCUM OF THE EARTH that have infested these shores through New Labours promises of WEALTH AND WELCOME FOR ALL FOREIGNERS, BE THEY TERRORISTS OR PAEDOPHILES. THE ENGLISH/BRITISH WILL HAVE TO DO WITHOUT TO PAY FOR IT.



"community based treatment"does that mean the witchdoctor,sangoma,jujuman?Will we be obliged to bring livestock when attending our appointments?

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