Sunday, 14 February 2010


Well it's done. The new constitution has been passed and hopefully will be accepted by the Equalities Commission.
I have a feeling they may still try to find fault with it as their prime cause is to destroy our party and is nothing to do with "race". However with luck it will go through and we will be able to get on with the job of promoting our policies.

There are some who have stated their intention to flood us with people to undermine and destroy us. We must and will be careful not to allow this to happen.

To be a member new applicants will have to agree with our core beliefs (if they do so fine)but if they do not subscribe to our principles they could not logically be members, just as Communists would not be allowed in the Tory Party as they have different ideologies or are supposed to.

Also to before weilding any voting power new members would have to prove themselves by working for the Party and attending schools as we do now. It will not be as easy therefore as these potential destroyers think. You do not have to be black or Asian to try to destroy us. There have been many attempts in the past by white people which have been thwarted and the destroyers thrown out of the Party.

I do not think the ruling will damage us and may indeed help our cause in the long term, if we are careful.

Our core policy remains and will remain THE PROTECTION OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE in our own land and any ruling of the Equalities Commission will not alter that.


Silly Kuffar said...

Whatever Party or Club or Affiliation even union that you may be a member of, has certain rules and regulations for membership.
That's all we have to do.
Abide by our rules and you may join.

Anonymous said...

Silly Kuffar.

I think no one can disagree, with your comment, common sense, will prevail.

I agree with the decision, now my very good Friends, who support our manifesto, can join, they are Indian Christians.

They uphold our values, and beliefs, this is a good thing.

Our Land is Christian, not Muslim.


Let us hope that this is just political pragmatism,because unless the English people have something,some organisation that is exclusively thiers ,there can be no hope of unity amongst them,and they will continue to be diluted until they are no more,the real members do not have to welcome these imposed aliens,for that is the end game,"yeh old singh is alright"old singh is NOT alright he is there to disperse the national sentiment ,nothing else,for you will be shackled by the logical political implications,and the worst thing that you can do is to welcome them,give them the cold shoulder,let the leadership comply with the law,but the people do not have to,surrupticiously of course.