Sunday, 14 February 2010


I find it extremely concerning that although this serious sexual assault happened on the 30th January 2010: the reporting of this attack was only issued via the GMP website on the 10th February and then picked up by the Bolton News on the 11th February .

Greater Manchester Police:


And below:

POLICE are appealing for information about an incident in which a woman was sexually assaulted by a hooded man carrying a takeaway box.

It seems rather 'alarming' that no report was forthcoming from our own local papers i.e. Wigan/Leigh Reporter or the Leigh Journal regarding this very, VERY serious incident!

Now, obviously we here at the Wigan Patriot site and no doubt other well read and informed nationalists that due to there being no physical description (apart from their height) of the attackers ethnicity or indeed the language the beast must of used; we will automatically form our own picture of the attacker.

Rightly or wrongly...............but we forming our own suspicion or picture of the suspect in question regardless if we are correct; does not detract us away from the fact that somewhere in Leigh we have a sexual monster that needs to be apprehended and brought to justice immediately!

Yet, there are individuals in the local media and certainly postions of high authority that could have warned us before now of the potential danger and who have unfortunately and somewhat decided between themselves that we do not warrant a warning bringing to us of the dangers of this beast lurking in our midst and someone who is still out there roaming our streets.

Just what would have happened if another lone female had been attacked in the time between the first assault and the GMP releasing their appeal?

What are they hiding?

Why are they hiding?

Why the silence?

Who authorised this silence?

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