Monday, 15 February 2010


Watching the news today on Afganistan a thought came to me. The Afgans do not seem to be very diverse and yet the soldiers are very careful not to offend their traditions and seek to bring local police in to help them. They seek to reassure the locals that their traditions would be respected "winning hearts and minds" they call it. A vibrant multicultural society is never mentioned.

Now we should not be there but I can understand the Afgan people's resentment to these foreigners (our soldiers) in their country.
It would be nice if our politicians would win our hearts and minds and ask us whether we wanted to be vibrant and diverse. The local British people (us) have never been consulted but usually villified as racist when (if we dare) we state we were quite happy with the former make up of our society.

Which brings me to my next point. The CH4 programme of MPs living in tower blocks.
These monstrosities seem to be mainly inhabited by people alien to our country and riven with violence,very diverse. Yes there were some decent people in them but to have to live with their antisocial neighbours must be a nightmare.I could just about manage on the meager benefits but to have to live side by side with most of the people featured on this programme would make me want to top myself.

I feel for our people who have to do so and it's no good MPs shedding crocodile tears when they are responsible for this destruction of our society.
The white kids in Hull had no chance as they had been let down by the poor education system and a centre showing them how to put condoms on or write CVs will not help them escape poverty.
The money would be better spent on apprenticeships and other training or these lads will have no future as all our industries requiring unskilled workers have been sent abroad BY THESE POLITICIANS.
All in all a sad representation of a society broken by political correctness, immigration and incompetence.

The last bit of news I saw was Cameron's idea to make job centres, teaching and social services into workers Co-ops.
What a stupid idea. Yes co-ops are a good incentivisers for firms with a saleable end product but a job centre co-op?. How would that work?

The only incentive would be for the workers to do as little as possible as these are services and there is no paid end product. Or are they wanting to privatise them?
Admittedly these services are not efficient, but that is because all orders come down from on high (Whitehall) and management is poor with no appreciation accorded for good work.

The answer is for them to be managed locally by integrated teams who have pride in their work and a good team spirit, something that Whitehall can not understand.
So there we have it. Another daft gimmick from the useless Cameron.
A few weeks work in a proper job would probably educate him as to what motivates people.

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