Saturday, 9 January 2010

‘We regret driving out the British,’ say Aden’s former rebels

"It is rare to hear former Marxist revolutionaries apologise for having successfully driven out an imperialist power decades before. In the rundown former British colony of Aden, a backwater that was once one of the world’s key shipping hubs, such regrets are not uncommon. "

A British National Government would have worked with the Nationalist Governments of these former Colonies. Not wage war against them.
The political parties and successive Governments of the time, Labour, Liberal and Conservative waged war on foreign Nationalist Governments.
Where the British once held sway now only TERROR REIGNS.


A British National Government of the time would have been working with these Nationalist Governments, for our Mutual Interest and benefit. We bring them Civilization, we left them on the cusp of being able to run their own affairs, without our help.
We gave them Transport (Metalled roads, Railways), brought them Education,Jobs, Wealth, Medicine, Hospitals. We basically upgraded their infrastructures to Modern standards of the time.
But they all seem to plunge straight back into chaos and corruption.
I wonder why ?

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