Saturday, 9 January 2010


The organisation of our country has been shown again to be pathetic in the recent cold spell generated by Gordon Brown as his contribution to Global Warming.
Let's face it the authorities have been pathetic. Roads not gritted. They always used to be with poorer equipment.

Schools have been closed "on health and safety grounds" so that children do not injure themselves at school and sue.
So what happens. The kids go out sledging on Billinge Hill, Ashurst Beacon and Rivington Pike, not to mention venturing on thin ice and risking drowning.
It's just an excuse for teachers to be off work. And the kids are safer in school.

The solution? Hold schools liable for injuries sustained in school hours while playing at home. Stop teachers pay when they are not at school.
My daughter, doing a responsible job (FOR A PRIVATE FIRM) walked 6 miles to work but she got there and did her job.
How many teachers would do that. No they would rather stay in their cosy homes (heated by the work of power station workers who got to work) and go to the shops (staffed by assistants who also got to work) and use health and safety as an excuse to sit at home.

When I was a kid I NEVER lost a day's school because of the weather, and it was colder (no global warming then) We enjoyed each others company in the school yard (we did not have a field) and made slurs (slides) which we enjoyed going on. Yes we fell but we did not moan about it. And we had proper teachers for which I have always been grateful.

If schooling is so important to our children's future (which it is) and parents can be fined for keeping children off surely the teachers should get off their a**es and get to school and give the kids the start in life we pay our taxes to ensure.

Or are we breeding a generation of namby pamby inadequates? If so God help us in the future when competing against countries such as Japan and China.


Why can the many deadlegs doing "Community Service" not be drafted in to clear the footpaths of snow and ice which are so dangerous to the elderly who have to go to the shops?
Now that would really would be paying their debt to society.


Anonymous said...
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Yes the extasy of wearing short trousers on days worse than this,the stinging cold wind,and wet feet,yet we went or nearly every-one in the street would want to know why,and frown,for after all it was thier money that was educating me,now it seems to be a right to rip off the taxpayer whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Anonymous said...


As always another interesting

Enjoyed reading it.

Andy said...

Its been noted how many are failing to turn up for work while people are still managing to go to shopping without problems.

Thats work because of school.. Who will sue for loss of earnings?