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From Galliawatch a shocking report of what apparently is a EUROMED meeting of ministers:
Writer Malika Sorel's pro-France and pro-nationhood positions are unusually lucid and surprisingly candid. She stands far removed from many other Algerians in France who regularly manifest their hatred of their host country. Recently she wrote an assessment of a meeting of European ministers organized by the French Minister of Immigration and National Identity, Eric Besson. Read more about Malika Sorel a the end:

Yesterday morning I attended a ministerial seminar organized by Eric Besson on the theme "The migrations in the lands of the Mediterranean: constructing a space of shared prosperity". Insofar as many journalists covered the seminar, I feel safe in sharing with you a few high points.

The ministers of Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, and Egypt were among the guests.

One expert set the tone right away by declaring that since the European population was aging, three possibilities ensued. I quote them:

1. We delay the age of retirement. Not a very popular measure.

2. We put more women in the workplace. That would have a negative effect on the birth rate.

3. We organize international migrations.

And with these words, obviously intended to allow the ministers to begin their well-prepared speeches, the main theme of the morning was set: since the North was not producing children, and the South producing many (they actually said it), it was necessary to agree to organize migratory waves from the South to the North. Several ministers even declared that since immigration, in any case, was occurring illegally when it was not authorized, it would be preferable to legalize and organize it. They also said that 75% of the youth of Tunisia were considering leaving their country...


The Egyptian minister began his speech with "In the name of Allah the most merciful..." and formulated the hope that the Arabic language become more common in the future in the Mediterranean bassin.

Eric Besson concluded the meeting thus: "We must accelerate and increase the mass movements."
But of course EUROMED is just the fevered imagination of right-wing conspiracy nuts, right?

Sorel draws the a conclusion that every living soul in Europe should sear into their memory:
During this entire morning it was patently clear that European peoples were of no interest to the European ministers. It was as if Europe was an uninhabited land, or soon to become one, and there was a need to people it. The only moment when you felt that Europeans still existed in the minds of these ministers was when mention was made of the need to fight against the discrimination that these migrants would be victims of...

This morning showed me, as if it was still necessary to do so, the extent to which this European "elite" was sometimes more concerned about the interests of foreign populations that about those of their own people. It is indeed this elite that is responsible for the current situation, and not the immigrants. Henceforth, only the European populations themselves will be able to spare their countries chaos, and at the same time save their lives and those of their descendants, for it is clear that what is being planned for us by leaders who don't even realize it, is a proliferation of Balkan States throughout the European Union. We are indeed far away from the dreams of the founding fathers!
That is one to remember the next time you find yourself in a voting booth...

 The original, from the Netherlands, can be found HERE 


The Galliawatch link at the top of the page is specific for this article only. This link is for the basic blog.  I do recommend you visit and shortcut/bookmark it for future visits. (Its currently second item is particularly interesting) France is important to us in that it is our nearest neighbour.



Lanky Patriot said...

Yes Morg, it should be obvious to all what our traitorous "elite" are planning for our land and the peoples of Africa are rubbing their hands in glee (in between breeding) at the thought of taking over.

OVER MY DEAD BODY and I mean it.
The Brits are waking up and we will gain our rights back in OUR land one way or another.

We have debts to pay and someday they will be paid with interest.


Silly Kuffar said...

I'm re-reading Fjordman's Defeating Eurabia. It's a long read but well worth it.