Wednesday, 20 January 2010


The news that Cadbury has been taken over by Kraft is yet another nail in our national coffin.
Terry's of York was taken over and all jobs moved to Eastern Europe.
These big multinational firms have no allegience to Britain and after they have taken over British companies, in spite of all reassurances jobs flow out of the country.

But what is the difference this time?
The government is concerned and seeks reassurances from Kraft about the future of Cadbury.
Yesterday on Radio 4 Geoffrey Robinson (he of Mandelson mortgage fame) said he was worried about the numbers of British firms being taken over by foreigners ant thought it should be slowed down.
We have lost Cars, Steel, Power generation, Water, Gas, Railways,Glass, Nuclear and many others.
We have few industries to sell off now. It's no use saying it should be resisted now.

Tony Blair bragged that Downing Street water and power was supplied by foreign firms.
So they have been quite happy to see vital industries sold off abroad in the past but they worry about Chocolate?

I do not denigrate Cadbury and sympathise with the workers AT PRESENT employed by them but why is chocolate more important than all the other vital industries listed above?.
Robinson said it was difficult and we should not be protectionist in "the global economy"
I agree. We have to compete internationally and the govenment should arrange business taxes and regulations so that we can do so, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN SELLING OUR COMPANIES ABROAD.

We should ban the sale of British companies to foreign owners for the sake of our future.
Can you imagine the Germans allowing Mercedes or Bosch being sold abroad?

We have to make things to pay our way out of the debt this and the last government has bequeathed us.

But we have nothing left to sell and most of our productive capacity is owned by firms to whom profit is more important than Britain. This sorry state is the fault of both Labour and the Tories influenced by their international banker sponsors.

It will be a hard slog to recover and unfortunately things will get much worse before they improve.

The British people will not know what hit them in a few months.

If we get in power we know the perpetrators of this rape of our industry.
I hope we make them pay the price.


Anonymous said...

How successful would a boycott be?

It will cost jobs in the short term but with all those billions Mr Cadbury has now, surely a little investment and viola, British Chocolate for the British Isles.

I know it sounds petty but we can't keep handing over our resources to abroad.

And of course, prefer to renationalise the Transport network and other utilities before we start anything about chocolate.

I think the piss-take is RBS helped finance the deal.

Fecking marvellous.

Andy said...

Oh the irony.

The plastic cheese factory buys out the lovely chocolate factory.

They say it needed an injection of new and fresh management to progress.. The same intellect that drove the plastic cheese factory into deep debt?

What good is a name and product if its brand and pride value becomes worthless after those factory doors close?

Mr Commonsense said...

And the Yanks used our own money from the government bailed out Royal Bank of Scotland. How can we be so stoopid.

Anonymous said...

I just thought, if we boycotted Cadbury's - well, pretty soon Kraft won't be able to service the debt, then RBS can acquience it, thus returning it to British hands... well, stranger things have happened, we've had a Labour Gov't for a dozen years!

Andy said...

You mean to say they used tax money for the loan to buy Cadbury?
I've not upset myself more by reading the news of late.

Then they have to own Cadbury on the drip. Considering the fact it floored them to obtain the company and its the B of S.. Means it was with the backing of this lot in power.

Selling our economic powerbase.. Bloody prostitutes!

Andy said...

But you know what will happen to a company that ends up in Government hands?
Like water, coal, cars, gas, electricity, steel, trains, post, telecoms etc...

They will not allow investment from profit. Its tax!

remember every year we had water shortages? Thats because we paid for all that water to be cleaned for human consumption then poured it away through the leaking mains. Do you remember BL cars? No investment made them the joke of Western Europe. No investment and restrictive engineering practices.

when an area was in risk of more redundancies, they would say to the local workhouse; "Comrade! Your citizens will be restless. This must not be, you will employ even more.". "Yes master but what about our present efficiency?". "Do not worry comrade. We will pay you to employ more men but remember, no more money is for you to fix your broken plant".

In this computerised age the Government simply employ more bean counters and social maintainers... As though computers were incapable and people are like little kids.

Andy said...

I couldn't come.

How did it all go?

Care to do a little piece on it please?


Governments do not decide how a country is run,international/globalist industry does,once they have control of the money supply via the IMF,the object is to keep a country in debt,then they buy the utilities cheap and offshore the rest of the ailing industries who can not compete because cashflow is strangled,a case in point is the volta dam in the gold coast and has subsequently been implemented in all countries world-wide,this is why africa is in such a mess,why we have no industries,and the bilderburg/cfr/club of rome/chatam house have forced us into the eussr,and the more that you earn the greater the interest/debt that we accrue individually on the promisary notes that we are issued with,forcing us to borrow more to service the debt,and more to service the previous one,and so on.

Andy said...

Used to be a film on "google video" on how banks create money. The idea is a business can gain a quick debt for a longer term gain on money loaned through a system that is valued on its assets, (The bank). The trouble is, those assets still need paying for.. That is assuming the loans are or can be paid for. The loan itself can be bought and sold by other banks as an asset. Its not the actual monetary figures that create wealth but the speed it moves. The speed dropped too far. Then ended the free cash available for new loans.

Remember the banks 'going under'? Well, not really. They found themselves unable to allow new loans because the money flow (payback) rate slowed too far. They didn't go into debt. Just could not generate the needed 'floating cash' as a reflection of grass roots financial security. Because in affect the banks were the owners of those items being loaned for. We could of literally owned huge tracts of the USA if we called back the debts properly. The US forced national recall of this property and threw people on the streets but at the same time denied people like me to buy them up as a cheap personal investment. But they need my cash in the bank for this investment money, more than me ending its flow and stagnating it into a physical thing.

Back to the earlier point about a loan to create personal wealth. The people who do this have a firewall from debt and taxes. The fact the loan is in the companies name so when/if it goes belly up, the CEO has still paid himself into riches beyond avarice and is immune from the debt itself. Make millions on a failure and walk away. Even bankers have done it ...and still find a new job.

That in a nutshell is why businesses go on the never-never.