Tuesday, 19 January 2010

UK Muslims in battle for hearts and minds

Now the Islamists fear a Backlash.
Do not believe a word of this Muslim TAQQIYA "Statement"

"London // Muslims in Britain are launching a “hearts and minds” campaign to counter growing Islamophobia in the country.
The move comes at a time when polls throughout Europe are showing growing resentment of Islam’s perceived influence on daily life following the arrival of millions of Muslim migrants in the past 20 years."

Was it not Shaid Malik who wants tosee Parliament full of Muslims and with a Muslim PM, and the Flag of Allah flying over Downing St.

"John Denham, the secretary of state for communities and local government, has expressed support for the campaign while Shahid Malik, the communities minister, praised the Ahmadiyya community for “promoting an understanding and exploration of Islam within wider British society”."

How big is our party ?
We have shaken the foundations on which these TRAITORS stand.
Their day of recokoning is only a few years away.



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Andy said...

Hearts and minds...

I was in a pub this evening and being a Wednesday, not many in. Something was said and this gentleman stated quite clearly (sic) "I have been labour all my life- even a shop steward. But this time its the BNP for us" As his wife was nodding. The other gentleman who looked quite smart'ish with white hair and glasses was also in agreement.

There was me, sat in the middle.. If only they knew >:D