Friday, 22 January 2010


It seems a case of "deja vu".
Last night I spoke of Clive Jefferson's information about the electoral process and the deficiencies in security and low behold Green Arrow mentions it today.
Clive told me last week that in the 2004 Euro elections in which postal votes had been introduced by Labour there were in his area 55,000 approx spoiled voting slips.
Last year when the opening of the boxes was watched most of the time and the boxes sealed by Party members this number dropped to around 10,000 spoiled papers.

Of course I would never accuse council officials who "guarded" these ballot boxes of dishonesty but the large drop in spoiled papers would seem to need an explanation.
It is so easy to tamper with ballot boxes when they are stored for a few days in "secure" accomodation in town halls staffed by people against our Party, not that I would ever suggest they would do so. An extra cross on a ballot paper renders it invalid. How easy is that?, and the course of politics in our country is changed.

This time we watched. I have to commend our Sir Henry Morgan for his persistance in Wigan in making sure all was above board and sealing the postal vote boxes.
I do say in all fairness that I believe the staff at Wigan Metro are very co operative and I believe honest, but it only takes one when no one else is looking to alter a result. Let's face it some of the councillors are not exactly paragons of virtue.

A new proposal is now being mooted by Labour, that council and Parliamentary votes are not counted on the night of voting but on the day after to save in overtime, so they say.
This would enable any person wishing to undermine the democratic process to interfere with ballot papers or even to destroy them.

It is too open to fraud and should not be allowed, but if it is it is up to us as party members to be on hand to seal the boxes and we will be.
Officials of these Marxist councils should be aware we are watching them to ensure fairness.
If we win we win. If we lose, so be it, but we will do our utmost to ensure the process is honest in the cause of democracy.

P S look on the Green Arrow link. It goes on in the USA as well.

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Andy said...

A video/movement detector with time/audio/video recording locked into the room..

The boxes are stacked? strap the lot up together then measure distances from walls, etc.

I wonder if they will "allow" it?