Saturday, 23 January 2010

US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti

There's something to this story. 500000 DEAD in Haiti due to US Weapons Test.
Check the links out.

About the US using Tesla Technology (Nikola Tesla), to induce Seismic Activity in a specified area.

I had read an article about Scalar Weapons (
being used as Earthquake Weaponry, based on Teslas work, which was published in NEXUS Magazine (1997), Bright Skies pt1-5 by Harry Mason.

Bright Skies pt1-5 by Harry Mason.

and HAARP (High Frequency Active, Auroral Research program in Alaska),

being used as Earthquake Weaponry, based on Teslas work, which Claimed the Aum Shinrikyo Sect were being blamed for using Seismic Weapons against Japan causing the Kobe Earthquake of 1995.

But, the Earthquake was traced back to it's origins, which turned out to be in the AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK.
The article claimed that the US had a secret military base somewhere in the middle of that vast continent.
And that the US and Russia have the capability to produce Earthquakes on-demand and in a Targeted Area.

Now Haiti gets hit with a massive earthquake..have we heard of any aftershocks yet ?
US Navy carrying out Weapons Tests in the area.
The Americans were already in Haiti
"The U.S. Southern Command is leading the Department of Defense's response. Gen. P.K. Keen, deputy commander of the Southern Command, was in Haiti when the quake struck and has seen the situation at the airport."

"The group includes a unit of U.S. Air Force Special Operations Forces that departedHurlburtField in Florida on Wednesday afternoon."

How long have 'SPECIAL OPS' been part of HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE ?

Watch the News Article.
(Russia Today - Hugo Chavez (Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías) President of Venezuela stating that the US Navy Weapons Test is Responsible for the Haiti Earthquake)

Coincidence ?


Freeborn John said...

There are some very, very silly people out there, and when they get their hands on computers they put stuff like this up on the internet.
They assure us that the Nazis have secret bases in Antarctica, that Jews control the weather and that the British royal family are shape changing lizards from outer space.
Now they've decided that whenever there's an earthquake the US government did it with a giant electromagnetic ray machine.
Nuts. Absolute nuts.

Silly Kuffar said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

I take it you read the articles ?
What do think of Russia Today reporting Hugo Chavez claiming this this month ?

Silly Kuffar said...

Follow it through..dont just dip in.

Freeborn John said...

Venezuela is coming apart like a cheap Chinese watch at the moment, inflation at 27%, power cuts (in an oil producing country!), the economy in freefall with minus 3% growth, with all this on his plate and a long running feud with the US to keep going I'd expect Chavez to babble. He is.
The HAARP/Tesla thing is a US research project in Alaska which the internet loons are claiming is an earthquake weapon used to cause the disaster in Haiti.
I'm surprised to see barmy stuff like this on Wigan Patriot, this blog is usually an oasis of common sense.
Anyway, I repeat, Nuts. Absolute nuts.

Silly Kuffar said...

Is that the Media for you ?

Freeborn John said...

Feast your eyes on the top secret earthquake weapon...
Don't tell em I sent you.

Silly Kuffar said...

Why send your ELITE Soldiers into a Natural Disaster area?
Have you not got enough Soldiers to spare ?
What does Chavez get out of it ? Kudos ?

Silly Kuffar said...

@ Freeborn John

Does America not have ENOUGH Troops?
Were the Beaten, Dazed, Mourning Hiatians not subdued enough that they need 'SPECIAL FORCES' to Secure the Area ?

What does RUSSIA TODAY gain from reporting this ?


Freeborn John said...

Considering that law and order had completely broken down on Haiti following the earthquake, yes, I would have put quality troops in to ensure the safety of US aid workers.
The US has had its fingers burned before by feral mobs.
Russia Today enjoys a bit of whimsy as much as anyone, the HAARP thing was just that.
On a more serious note they are reporting today that scientists warned two years ago that Haiti was on the verge of a major earthquake and that the country would be unable to cope when it happened.
Looks like they've dropped the earthquake ray story then...
Chavez is a Marxist loon in a really tight spot, he is liable to say daft things.
He will probable progress to doing daft things, an invasion of the Dutch Antilles is on the cards.
In the meantime, Nuts!

Silly Kuffar said...

What does Russia Today or Chavez have to gain ?

I agree you needed troops on the ground..but not your's like Britain sending over the SAS to do humanitarian work.

Silly Kuffar said...

How does this aid Chavez ?
How does it stop his economy from collapsing ?
This was reported as a 'NEWS STORY' on Russia Today.
It wasn't like a Trevor McDonald News at Ten "And Finally" moment.
I don't see what Chavez Gains..Except ridicule..and there's only you ridiculing anyone.

I would say Russia Today has more integrity than the BBC.

Silly Kuffar said...

How does this aid Chavez ?
How does it stop his economy from collapsing ?
This was reported as a 'NEWS STORY' on Russia Today.
It wasn't like a Trevor McDonald News at Ten "And Finally" moment.
I don't see what Chavez Gains..Except ridicule..and there's only you ridiculing anyone.
Chavez claiming a weapon has been used does not bring any aid to him..Venezuela wasn't affected by the Earthquake.

I would say Russia Today has more integrity than the BBC.

Freeborn John said...

Russia Today is an international media outlet, and, agreed, a reputable one.
They report everything, absolutely everything, from long pieces on the minutae of Russian internal politics to bite sized items for chumps in the Americas.
The HAARP report was just another news story, albeit an odd one, no big deal.
Chavez? Don't go there, he's barking.
As for you, why have you picked up this silly tale and run with it?

Silly Kuffar said...

It tickled my fancy..It intrigued me and reminded me of the article I had read.
And it is probably all Bo!!ox.

Why report a crazy story like this?
Chavez gains nothing by claiming this.
I don't know much about latin american art.. but is that a "Disney" Mural Chavez is in front of ?

Is it the MEDIA ?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I have read the story through, and further, and discovered that it wasn't originally Chavez who made the claim. It was a blogger in Venezuela, then the Venezuelan press reported it and it escalated from there.

Theoretically, the physics of such a thing is possible, I suppose ... but then theoretically the physics of time travel is possible. Don't mean it can be done though.

BTW - did you know the Palis accuse Israel of using earthquake weapons?

Do we believe it?

Silly Kuffar said...

Yes Morg..I do.

Simulated Volcanoes ?
Simulated Earthquakes ?

"Simulated volcanoes and man-made 'sun blocks' can rescue the planet

Scientists back radical 'geoengineering' projects to stop climate change

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Thursday, 28 January 2010"

Silly Kuffar said...

But not in the death ray, Scalar weapons way.
More of strategically placed Nuclear devices on a geological fault on the Sea Bed, drill down to fault drop your nukes in and.....maybe it went wrong..or maybe went right.

Freeborn John said...

If someone could explain why the US would want to zap Haiti with an earthquake device in the first place I'd be interested to know.
Parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Yemen are a thorn in Americas side so they toast Haiti...
Nuts. Pure conspiracy theory nuts.

Silly Kuffar said...

Maybe..Maybe not.
We can only go on the evidence presented.
Something has occured. it could all be part of a keep em scared story.
It's not nuts to have an open mind.

Silly Kuffar said...

We have a massively over populated planet.
If certain Governments do have some sort of 'GeoWeapon' then it makes it easier to kill thousands and not put your own troops at risk.
Also it doesnt create a 'War Zone'
WE already know that we can change weather patterns. The Russians and Chinese use it every year on their Military Parades, the seed clouds to make the rain fall before it gets to Moscow or Bejing.
I'd more likely be surprised at what they can't do to what they can do.

Silly Kuffar said...

@Freeborn John

Maybe this might shed a bit more light on this than I have.

Freeborn John said...

If Haiti really is floating in secret oil (doubtful but possible) it would explain the US rushing to help. Valid point.
More likely is the theory that Saint 'Nobel Peace Prize' Obama grabbed the chance to look like the big hero in the greatest humanitarian media event for years, his tarnished image could do with a good polishing and the quake probably seemed like a gift from above to his advisers.
I'll be following the oil story, it doesn't mean I'm going soft on earthquake rays though...

Silly Kuffar said...

Do we both agree that something fishy is going on ?

Freeborn John said...

Depends what you call fishy, SK.
Aid in return for a little good PR or to gain leverage over some mineral reserves is hardly fishy, it's just politics, and pretty mundane politics at that.
Heck, it reminds me of the Falklands...