Friday, 29 January 2010

Election Fraud

The BNP have already started their Anti-Election Fraud campaign by asking for all BALLOT BOXES which will be Held Over-Night, to be sealed with BNP Seals. That's all well and good for the 'VOTERS' who go to the Polling Stations, but what about POSTAL VOTE FRAUD ? We know that it is a favourite ruse of our old chums the 'ASIAN' Voter or Councillors Birmingham 2005 Birmingham 2005 New Labours election fraud has been described as "

"Labour election fraud ‘would disgrace a banana republic’"

"Proof that votes were stolen came when Richard Mawrey, QC, the election commissioner, ordered ballot boxes to be unsealed. Unknown to most voters, ballot papers can be traced back to individuals through serial numbers. The judge was struck by how many had been amended, sometimes using correction fluid." New Labour Benefitis from it's Electoral Fraud

"One of the wards where corruption was rife covered Aston, an inner-city neighbourhood. This is the fiefdom of Muhammad Afzal, a city councillor for 23 years, regarded as the most powerful man in Birmingham Asian politics. At midnight two days before the election, the police stumbled on what appeared to be a vote-forging factory. Half a dozen men were discovered in a warehouse with 274 unsealed postal votes for Aston ward"

We must do all that we can at the General Election, to guard against Anti-Decomocratic VOTE RIGGING. Seals on as many boxes as we can and if possible a candidate to sit guard outside the overnight storage area.I do not trust New Labour to lie-straight-in-bed never mind hold free and fair elections. The BNP are New Labours worst nightmare come true. They will stop at nothing to hold on to reigns of TYRANNY. But how do we counter POSTAL VOTE FRAUD ?

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