Friday, 29 January 2010


Last June the BNP got almost a million votes nationwide. As a consequence the other parties finally decided that they must address the BNP. We all thought that meant they had finally decided to debate issues with us. Seems we may have been wrong in that assumption. Their idea of addressing the BNP may mean something else entirely. Let's have a dig ...

Kuffar had an earlier post called "Is the BNP being set up"  This post is in support of that one in assissting you all to a decision. Indeed, I believe it has gone beyond "set up", and moved into the realm of BNP members AND THEIR FAMILIES now being officially considered as fair game. It appears that the CPS will always find an excuse to not prosecute a criminal perpetrator if the victim has even a tenuous connection to the BNP. Time for a wander through the things that lead me to this conclusion.

Last year, in Wales, a man attacked his wife with a  hammer. Charged, tried and found guilty ... sentence 25 years.

Absolutely no connection between anyone involved in that case and the BNP.

Henry Webster in Wroughton. Attacked by a gang of Muslims at school, hit on the head with a hammer causing brain damage. Charges brought and trials held - sentences dished out to the perpetrators (after pressure brought to bear by the BNP to investigate and charge, as initially the CPS wanted to drop it {only a Whitey victim but Muslim perpetrators ... and we already know the score on that sort of thing}).

Absolutely no connection between anyone involved in the case and the BNP.

Last week in Rochdale, a young man attacked in the street by a gang of 12 Muslims ... hit with a hammer. Police are currently investigating (though whether the CPS will allow charges to be brought is another matter given the perps/victim ethnicities - a Henry Webster type issue here), but at least the police are investigating.

Absolutely no connection between anyone involved in the case and the BNP.

Last week in Wigan a man was sentenced to 12 months community service, plus three months curfew ... just for CARRYING a hammer.

Absolutely no connection between anyone involved in the case and the BNP.

But when BNP member and senior activist Tony Ward was seriously assaulted with a hammer, and the perpetrator was arrested on the spot whilst stalking Tony, to finish the job off, ( it may only be the actions of that constable that kept Tony alive, and we, along with Tony, appreciate that fact), there is no charge brought and no prosecution.

Well done to the police (none of this is a gripe about the police ... they appear to be doing their job well enough ... but rather that political group set up by the Labour party - the CPS), who, along with the victim were let down by the CPS deciding to bring no charges. The police submitted a report to the CPS which indicates they think charges should have been brought ... but, as the victim was BNP the CPS decided that no charges would be brought. (DO READ THIS LINK)

“Over the past seven days we have seen the acquittal of a Muslim who racially abused me in public. Earlier, all charges were withdrawn against the black UAF thug who attacked Liverpool BNP activist Tony Ward with a claw hammer, and then I was refused entry into Sellafield power station,” Mr Griffin said.

The perpetrator was an immigrant, the victim was a BNP activist, therefore definitely a connection between the BNP and the victim.

Daily, Muslims publicly refer to Jews as apes and monkeys, and Christians as pigs and dogs. Are there ever any "Hate Speech" charges brought by the CPS? Move along please, nothing to see here.

But when the Chairman of the BNP, at a private meeting, refers to Islam as a "wicked, vicious faith", he finds himself on charges at Leeds crown court, in peril of being sent down for seven years. When found not guilty, he is served with a fresh set of charges for the same offence (Double Jeopardy protection was removed years ago), and was facing the same risks. When he's found not guilty yet again, the Prime Minister declares that the law must be changed to ease convictions.

I think we can safely assume that there is a connection there with the BNP.

So, we see that BNP members appear to now be fair game. They will be prosecuted for the slightest reason, and even RE-prosecuted; but if they are victims of crime - even what could be seen as attempted murder - then the perpetrators will not be prosecuted by the CPS even if the police submit appropriate reports ... thus indicating that they think charges should be brought. That is not a good situation for us to be in.

What about our non-member families?

Two years ago, the then teen-aged son of one of our senior local activists, on his way home from work, met and was talking with a bunch of his friends outside a shop when the shopkeeper came out and hit him in the face for no reason. He followed her back into her shop to remonstrate with her over the assault (Why? for instance. A fair question in the circumstances). During the remonstration he called her a Paki (well she is one, so what's wrong with that? It's not as if they don't call each other Pakis).

So what happened?

She was not charged with assault - indeed, it was not even mentioned in court - but he was charged with using "Hate Speech", was fined £300, given nearly 200 hours of community service, three months' curfew, and a four month jail sentence suspended for a year. No, he was not a member of the BNP, but his father was/is a local well-known-name activist, and may - may - even be a parliamentary candidate in the upcoming general election (that's still up in the air).

Then there's the recent case of the grandson of a 70-yr-old local activist. Not as well-known locally as the one mentioned above, outside the party ... so it seems age or local party-prominence of the member is irrelevant.

Nor age of the victim.

One of our activists (70yrs old, note) was delivering leaflets. Like grandchildren all over the world, the boy wanted to help his grandad.

No, the boy wasn't/isn't a party member, and frankly, doesn't know or care the first thing about politics ... he's only 14. Just wanted to help his grandad, is all.

They had been leafletting all morning and shortly after midday were coming to the end of yet another street. The boy, being naturally enough faster than his grandfather had finished his side of the street and was leaning against a wall waiting for grandad to finish off the final 20-30 yards and catch up. As he was approaching the boy the activist saw a woman and her husband walk around the corner and thrust a leaflet at the boy and ask him if he'd pushed it through her letterbox. Well yes, of course, he said, in all innocence. Whack ... a punch in the face. Our activist witnessed this and immediately called the police.

The police conducted an investigation into this assault on a child, and submitted a report to the CPS (office in the same building). This tells us that the police thought there was a case to answer - as there ALWAYS is when it involves an assault by an adult on a child. CPS's decision? No charges to answer, so no prosecution. The grandad has been to see the police inspector concerned and says the inspector is not at all happy.

Anyhow, the CPS may have made a mistake in this case because this particular activist is our fiercest bulldog in the local party, and is now insisting he be charged with wasting police time by making a malicious allegation against the woman who assaulted his grandchild. Well, he must have, mustn't he, if the CPS has decided there are no charges for this woman to answer.

I can't go any further into this because it is an ongoing matter. The dispute here is not with the police - it's the CPS. Finally: what chance do you think YOU would have of avoiding answering to a judge if you physically assaulted a child?

It is becoming increasingly plain that certain Ethnics have learned that they can do virtually anything they like to indigenous Britons in general, and nothing will happen to them beyond the proverbial slap on the wrist. No, not a problem with the police - it's the CPS. It's not all ethnics that are perps, and not always indigenous Britons that are victims ... very long-term West Indian immigrants, peaceful Hindus, and law-abiding Sikhs.find themselves criminally victimised; So it's not only the Anglos, but also the thoroughly Anglicised. Nothing much is done to the criminal perpetrators there either, but lord help the victims if they retaliate. Just like we indigenes. Fair game.

So be cautious out there folks. Even if you are non-BNP members, if you are members of certain groups you do seem to be marked down as fair game, and certain ethnic groups have learned this. This applies in spades if you are a BNP member or family of a member - here it is not only certain ethnics who have learned we are considered fair game, but also our political opponents - and WORSE things can be done to us with impunity.

So there IS some doubt about what they mean when talking about "addressing" the BNP.

Something I've thought for many a long year: the more they are picking on you, and the harder they are hammering you, the more you know you're troubling them.



Anonymous said...

Create the problem, offer the solution, control the population. More crime will mean more resources to be needed to keep us safe.

their new motto Draconian Democracy: Cos you can't be trusted.

And you can take the savages out of the turd world... yet they're still savages.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule but not when it is a mass invasion.

The Lions will bite back though, that is for sure. Shame some boroughs seem lost to the newcomers but it is not too late to save the Nation.

local titbit Here in Peckham, the muzzies leave the darkies well alone. Okay, the turks are also left alone but they're just drug-dealing pimps who are 'protected' to keep the peace, so to speak.

In other words, corrupt to the core. And everyone who is on benefits usually signs on twice a week due to their africanized names. Honest!

And if the establishment start jailing Nationalists, I'm sure every single polichicken would be voted out the next chance Britons got. We are a civilized Nation afterall!

We will prevail but it will be messy. Problem with that is it won't just remain in the arena of politics the way the Bastards that Be are carrying on.

Dr Chris Hill said...

This assault on a young lad (if your description is accurate*)is simply disgraceful. Now let me ask: has this refusal to take action by the CPS been reported to his MEP, and if so what action is he taking?

Chris Hill
*I am in no way questioning Morg's honesty here. But hearsay accounts are often exaggerated, and such an exaggeration would be quite understandable given it's the gentleman's own grandson who appears to have been the victim of this assault.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, the assault on the young lad is being followed up by my friend, his grandad and hde will not let it drop.
He has asked for the CPS to reopen the case or arrest him for wasting police time with the accusation or making a false accusation.
I know he will not let it drop and if he gets no justice will definately involve our MEP but it has not got so far yet.

The actual event did occur and the police have admitted it and belatedly interviewed the Labour supporter who made the assault.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Charles,


Although I am no longer a member of the BNP, such a blatant act of violent intimidation against a young man exercising his democratic right (albeit as you point out unknowingly) to take part in the democratic political process still concerns me greatly. This time it was a 14 year old boy, next time who knows a 85 year pensioner old maybe? Both are easy targets for a cowardly bully.

Getting justice from the legal system can take a hell of a long time, but it's the only legitimate route for those wishing to stop these thugs. In May 2004 I was arrested after being threatened by several ANaL members here in Lancaster. After I was released without charge, I made an official complaint to the police about my arrest, and about a year later a women police officer was disciplined for the arrest. However even then the police still refused to accept that I should be compensated for her illegal actions. Later that year (July 2004) I, along with another Lancaster activist, was again arrested this time for leafleting*. Once again we were both released without charge.

But to cut to the point here, next Friday the Police are going in front of a judge to ask for more time to prepare a defence against my legal action for compensation. Action which I started almost 5 years ago now, straight after the WPC was disciplined.

The full story of their delaying tactics is simple too long to post here (and I doubt anyone would believe it anyway), but I'm assured by my solicitor (as much as anything in this world is certain) that justice will eventually prevail and I'll get a financial settlement, although probable not an apology from the police. My advice is keep at it, don't let the case drop simply because they spin it out over a number of years.

Chris Hill
* The person who made the complaint about the leaflet turned out to be a serving police officer (Brownie pointer) who had received one though his door. To their credit, most of the police officers I dealt with on both occasions were extremely embarrassed by the actions of their colleague and treated me with great kindness.