Thursday, 28 January 2010


 ... how much our boys'n'girls love Blair by the expressions of adoration on their faces.

And they love Brown so much that when someone walks up to him and knees him in the nads, they can all honestly say "Didn't see a thing guv ... I was looking somewhere else"



Anonymous said...

Our Military needs a Democratic Mandate to protect Our Democracy before any other.

That is the most hurtful thing. Our Boys and Gals are such professionals that to disobey the orders would be seen as dishonourable.

The BNP should set-up a policy to ensure that if any Polichicken gets too big for his boots, he can be held to account (or at least try and work out the niggles of it)

Anonymous said...

BTW - I've saved those pictures... good to know that the good men and women of the Armed Forces have as much contempt for the warmongers as I do.