Saturday, 2 January 2010


I'm sorry I had to ask Morgan to remove his picture of the blackman from the blog. I do agree that many of the gun and knife crimes are committed by them in London as the authorities admit but I do not think all blacks are like this and indeed are like us aware of the danger of muslim fundamentalism.

They will probably place a "fatwa" on Morgan but they don't know where he lives and if they did find him they would make a martyr of him.

The problem is that different races and cultures can not and never have lived side by side peacefully but our government will not accept this. They must know it as many are arts graduates and the most cusory study of history shows this.
All peoples have equal rights, no one can deny that. But this is our country and should be governed for the benefit of the British people. The latter are now at a disadvantage being unable under our draconian race laws even to protest.

With muslim atrocities a daily occurrence somewhere in the world it is obvious that they have a different agenda and are incompatible with tolerant British values. Indeed it is this tolerance and appeasement of these people which has allowed many of the atrocities to be committed.
Our country, if it is to preserve its harmony and even identity must change its policy and enforce British values SOON or we will have civil war. The good news is that people are at last seeing this and supporting the BNP.
Our values are not compatible with theirs and thus they will if they wish to continue their medieval beliefs should move to countries more in tune with them.
We do not seek superiority apart from in our land . Ours is a defensive policy (unlike theirs) and eventually will be put in place or we will perish as a country.

Yes I accept the cartoons may be offensive to muslims but that does not excuse murder.
The presence on our streets of muslims in their strange garb with their shrouded wives is offensive to me as is the burning of our flag when most of them receive benefits paid for out of our taxes. Should I threaten murder because I am offended?

Thus our party is engaged on a CRUSADE (another offensice word to them) to cleanse our country of their malign influence.
I have no objection to their continuing their practices in muslim countries but I don't want them here.
That is my HUMAN RIGHT as an indiginous Englishman, and I will strive to protect that right in MY country.


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Lanky Patriot said...

I've been watching Elvis Anita.
The best ever and it brings many happy memories of my youth back.

There will never be another to touch him

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Lanky Patriot said...

Course we will Anita.

I agree Elvis is far better than Michael Jackson who could not sing but was famous only for funny walks.

Chris Hill said...

The right to free speech and the right not to be offended are mutually exclusive, you can have one or the other, but not both!

We now need to decide which (as a society) we cherish most.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Not all Muslims are terrorists either - but all terrorists at large today are muslims. And even I don't think blacks are all a problem - I think anyone who looks will find it's generally the more recent arrivals from Africa that are a problem.

And none of them are a problem in and of themselves individually - it's when there are millions of them and they gather in concentrations. Nobody minds a few or even a few thousand guests living out their lives in our country; and there's never any trouble from Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, or Asian Christians or devout African Christians as long as they don't combine it with witch-doctory.

Which collections of people have their own crime and security squads? That's all we need to ask.

Regarding possible fatwas? I'm getting on now, and not in a good state of health, but I still wont be easy to kill. It would be an honour anyway.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The Arthur Kemp videos in the sidebar sum it up quite precisely.

I just find it amazing that we British have fallen for being colonised like this. After all - we are the world's greatest experts at it with our record of past colonisation - irreversibly so for the Australian Aborigines and the North American Indians.

So how can WE fall for it - it must be deliberate on the part of our "authorities". There's simply no other plausible explanation.

It can't be incompetence by our "authorities" because even incompetents get things right SOMEtimes - but this lot get it wrong EVERY time. That has to be deliberate.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes Chris, I agree. BUT, no one has the right to go through life never being offended. I am offended by something or someone every day. What do I do? I GET OVER IT, usually in a few minutes.

That's because I'm a grown up. And British grown ups tend to behave that way.