Saturday, 2 January 2010


An attempt has been made to kill the man who created this:

Note that it was a Somali who made the murder attempt on Kurt Westegaard . Even other Muslims and other Africans acknowledge that Somalis are best steered clear of. Yet our so-called "authorities" have imported tens of thousnads (typo there - but I rather like it when I think carefully about it, so I think I'll leave it - because they are nearly all male imports anyway - just look at piccies of the "refugee" boats sailing across the Med)of these mental cases. Here's a bit of advice that I picked up from a South African blog:

I posted a cartoon here. On reflection I've removed it. But I will say what the words said - "Around blacks never relax".

 GOOD advice, I feel - as the recent years'crime statistics regarding knife crime from London demonstrate.

This applies especially when it comes to Somalis. Please do note that it was a Somali that gunned down two of our policewomen in Leeds/Bradford, one fatally. And that was for merely challenging the gang during the course of a robbery - his FIRST reaction to being so much as challenged was to open fire on them. He didn't even threaten them first so he could make a getaway. Our "authorities" have a lot to answer for.

Get the whole story here:

"The police shot the Somali man in a knee and a hand, authorities said. The police in Aarhus said that the suspect was seriously wounded, but that his life was not in danger."

I suppose he should consider himself lucky this wasn't in Polk County, Florida - with sherrif Judd presiding (see quote of the year for 2009, a few posts back).


PS Please Mr. Chief Inspector, feel welcome to send someone to arrest me for "hate speech" and/or images ... or whatever.  The arrest itself will go very peacefully ... but that will only be the start of something much much bigger. Send your smallest and most easy-going policewoman; she will experience no trouble at all. Might even get a free cup of tea if she isn't in a hurry. She'll have to forgive the mess though ... a single male, 57, living alone - what would she expect?


Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've started the year exactly as I intend to carry on.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Some people may take that as a warning ... others as an assurance.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Bet the human rights brigade can't wait to represent this 'poor moslim'.

Still, on the brighter side, they might be dangerous, but these somalis are sure stupid.

And in regards to blacks, in Peckham, best bet is to put on the meanest face you've got and be prepared to take no shit. Like dogs, they respect dominant people so best to be dominant.

'orrible to say but it's true.

Greetings from Sarf London.

Anonymous said...

I thought Pakistani's were the scum of this earth. Somali's are quickly catching up!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Even Pakistanis are wary of Somalis.

Lanky Patriot said...

Good post Morgan but can you tone it down a bit.
I have no problem with your views freely expressed but we live in a fascist state where free speech is not allowed among the natives.
I don't think the picture of the black man taken from South Africa was a good idea. Yes blacks are responsible for much of the gun crime just as muslims are responsible for all the bombings but I don't think denigrating all blacks is a good thing.
I thus dissociate myself from the way you have expressed your sentiments even though there is a great deal of truth in what you say.
When hopefully sometime in the future we can express our thoughts freely without fear of redress we could speak freely, but even then insulting statements although they should be allowed would not advance the logical or political argument.
BTW I am not complaining about the cartoon the truth of which is amply shown by the reaction to it by muslim terrorists.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've accepted the advice Charles and removed the cartoon. Fair enough. I've kept the words though because I genuinely do believe them.

The difficulty I feel is not with the old time West Indians, but the more recent arrivals from Africa; and I think the recent knife crime - especially - statistcs from London indicate this.

Something leads me to suspect that the old-time West Indians do themselves have problems over this issue.

In future, I will still be saying the same things, but I will be saying them in a different tone. Like you say, we no longer live in a free country. And I have long accepted that free speech is not an absolute ... for instance, there should be no right to stand with a mob outside someone's home and shout to the crowd that the occupier should be hanged. But then, that is not a free speech problem - it is an incitement to violence problem.

And as such should be stamped on.

Anonymous said...

comments anyone ?

Amusing Bunni said...

Great Blog, Sir Henry:
Too bad our free speech is such that we can't post the pics we like and say what we really feel.

I too, feel pressure to restrain myself. Mainly to avoid risking some of my "friends" and readers who might be overly sensitive. Keep up the good fight.
All these 3rd world murdering morons are jerks, it doesn't matter what color they are, it is the actions and total inhuman behaviour! Animals behave better!
I hope your New Year is Pleasant, and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Is this not 1932- onward Nazi germany

No one aeen telegragh the muslim are paraadeing in Wooten Bassit ?


If making an image of mo the paedo has been banned/proscribed for these last fourteen hundred years,no-one can know what he looked like,therefore how can any-one say that the picture of the wog with a bomb in its turban is a likeness of mo the paedo?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hahahahahahahaha - yes Robert, exactly.

Can't say I ever before thought about it like that, but from now on I won't be able to not think about it like that.