Thursday, 31 December 2009



Well, plenty actually, but I'd better not.

NEWSFLASH: There is currently a manhunt on in Finland for a Moslem who has just murdered three men and one woman in a shopping centre in Helsinki.

"Nothing to do with Islam" I suppose. Same old same old.



Anonymous said...

Have you read the comments on that video?

Why do people have to take adverts, of all things, so damn seriously!?!

God help us. At least we've got our humour still. Not much, but it helps.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Loon - if you'd been in the Forces you'd know that sometimes, that's all that keeps you going.

Reported from the Falklands after an Argie artillery hit:

Argh - I've lost my leg, I've lost my leg.

Voice a little way off:

No you haven't, I've got it over here.