Thursday, 31 December 2009


So now we come to the end of the "Noughties" a decade characterised by massive immigration, unjust and illegal wars against muslim countries and terrorist attacks such as 9/11 , the London bombings and several failed aircraft destruction attempts.
Although many were killed in terrorist attacks many more were saved including those on the passenger plane on Chrismas Day. The lack of further carnage was more by good luck than anything else.

Although the casualty numbers in the decade were a lot less than could have been millions of people have been inconvenienced at airports by screening measures at great cost to the airlines.
It shows that terrorists can achieve much just by causing panic measures which cost our country and people greatly and even if there are relatively few deaths the terrorists have acheived one of their objects by terrorising people, hence the name.
The common denominator is that ALL TERRORISTS HAVE BEEN MUSLIMS.

How to stop this?

First stop pussyfooting around and segregate potential terrorists from those who do not pose a danger.
I think all plane passengers from muslim and African countries should fly on separate planes from ethnic British people, then the latter could board planes without exessive security and reduce time and costs.

I know muslims and Africans would say this is discriminatory but as ALL terrorist attempts have been carried out by muslims or afro converts to islam why should the police and airport authorities check little old ladies who are obviously no threat on the grounds of equality.
The danger threat is not equal. It comes only from muslim extremists so all muslims must remain under suspicion even though the majority are innocent.
I know they will complain about their human rights, but what about our right not to be checked and even then exposed to terrorist danger.

I would not feel safe to sit on a plane with a muslim dressed in arab garb or his wife covered in black AND I AM ENTITLED TO FEEL SAFE(my human rights)

Come to that I would not like to sit next to such people even thow I knew they were safe. That is another of my human rights, to chose my companions.
A plane full of Brits would cause me no fear and I would enjoy their company.
The authorities talk about "a war on terror". There is no such thing. Terror is an abstract concept which can not be fought, and thus the only way we can protect ourselves is to segregate those who past experience has shown to be potential terrorists.

Unless these bleeding heart human rights politicians are sidelined the situation will get worse, more lives will be lost and more inconvenience will be visited on obviously innocent travellers.

This of course is only the start and all the families of terrorists and their friends should be instantly deported and not kept at state expense as at present.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and hoping for more progress next year.

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