Wednesday, 30 December 2009


The protest by Gordon Brown and the wooly Left over the execution of Akmal Shalik for drug smuggling show an arrogance which will obviously antagonise the Chinese.
He was an admitted drug smuggler and had violated Chinese law.
Chinese people are executed for drug smuggling so why should this man be spared because he was an EU citizen.

He was not British having been born in Pakistan, spent a lot of time in the USA and latterly in Poland.
Even his ex wife did not petition for him to be saved.
His so called medical condition was unremarked upon until he was caught.
China is a rapidly advancing populous country and wealthy. It does not take kindly to being told what to do. Yes it is a dictatorship and some freedoms are curtailed but in a country so large you need strong government or you get anarchy.

I went to China some years ago and felt safe. The people though not affluent were well fed and there was no squalour as one would find in Pakistan or India. I would not have felt safe in Pakistan and that is the difference. A strict law enforced without favour.
Barbarous as the death penalty is at least it does not involve beheading or a slow hanging as it does in muslim countries.
Crime is not tolerated and thus the people are safe and getting more prosperous instead of money being spent on expensive holiday camps called prisons.

Unusually for a BNP member I do not support the death penalty but I would rather face death in China then in a muslim country.
However even so this execution has nothing to do with us and the sooner the British government realises how weak it is and learns to keep its nose out of other countries affairs the better.

So in spite of my beliefs I don't regret this man's execution.

P S My alternative to execution would not be a holiday. Life would mean a life of hard labour in harsh conditions where convicts would work to make a profit for the prisons before they were fed like in the prisons still existing in Russia.
The body parts of suicide bombers would be fed to pigs thus denying them access to their 72 virgins in the afterlife.

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