Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Big Government has spent $79 billion on the climate industry,
3000 times more than Big-oil. Leading climate scientists won’t debate in public
and won’t provide their data. What do they hide? When faced with legal requests
they say they’ve “lost” the original global temperature records. Thousands of
scientists are rising in protest against the scare campaign. Meanwhile $126 billion
turned over in carbon markets in 2008 and bankers get set to make billions.

...and some journalists think they help the planet by hiding this information from you

Go read the handbook - wont take long, and is interesting.

Then save it, file it for later use. Also print off a couple of copies and send them to your councillors. Suspect it may be a waste of time to send copies to our Wigan MPs, but you can give it a try. Might also want to distribute a copy or two to your friends, and get your kids to take copies to school "for teacher".

Who knows?... we may yet see a revival of the mining industry in this borough - that's REAL jobs for Wigan and Leigh's adults, and some prospects for our kids of proper jobs paying proper wages, instead of, as now, McJob jobs. Bring a bit of genuine prosperity back into the borough.


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